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What is DAM?

We’ve all run into this scenario at work before: Where is that file? I know I had it somewhere. Was it in my email? The wiki? Grrr… Why can’t I find it?! Many businesses have trouble with efficient file management, especially as they grow to have more pieces of content.... Read More

Now Available: Webinar On New Intuitive Analytics, UI, WCMS & More!

Our latest webinar recording is now available!  Watch the webinar to get an insightful overview and training on the newest features in WebDAM.  Learn how to increase visibility in your DAM with new analytics, create custom pages with the new integrated Web CMS, automatically convert videos with the enhanced multimedia... Read More

It’s Official: We Launched The New WebDAM Experience!

The big announcement started on the opening day of the 2013 Macworld | iWorld Conference out here in San Francisco.  At a privately held WebDAM launch event called Your brand without boundaries, over 1000+ RSVP’d attendees draped around the block, anxiously awaiting the launch of The New WebDAM Experience. It... Read More

Now Available: Training Webinar for the New WebDAM Experience

If you weren’t able to make the live training webinar, the recording is now available to our DAM community. This training covers the exciting new functionality and feature enhancements that we just rolled out. Learn how to utilize all of the new innovations that are guaranteed to save you time... Read More

Introducing the WebDAM Partner Program. Bring Others to Cloud.

WebDAM plays nice with others. We’ve invested in building a partner program so that others can benefit from WebDAM’s cutting-edge DAM cloud platform and unsurpassed customer service — a top choice by marketing professionals throughout the world. As a business, we know you spend a lot of time evaluating, implementing,... Read More

It’s Proven! The Cloud Improves Business Sustainability

Businesses are constantly adopting new ways to become more efficient, save money, and even reduce their carbon footprint.  Being “sustainability conscious” is a trend we’ve been seeing a lot more of in recent years.  We have witnessed an exponential increase in environmental influence occur in our lifetimes, and now people are exploring... Read More

The Battle Between Cloud & On-Premise: 5 Things to Consider

Each day, I speak to dozens of IT & Marketing professionals who share their preferences, strategies, and opinions around cloud solutions vs on-premise solutions.  For others who are still a bit cloudy about the differences between cloud vs. on-premise (aka, installed on your servers) software, I’ve compiled these lessons-learned and... Read More

WebDAM in Print! KMWorld Publishes DAM Article Featuring WebDAM

KMWorld is one of the technology industry’s most trusted voices on the topic of content, document, and knowledge management. When KMWorld talks, IT professionals listen — and when KMWorld talks about digital asset management, we’re happy to say that WebDAM is a significant part of it. Judith Lamont, Ph.D., regularly... Read More

Should IT and Marketing Professionals Work Together?

There was a time not too long ago — the mid-2000s, to be exact — when IT professionals focused on things like network availability, software patches, and data security. While those things are still at the top of IT departments’ priority lists, the recent evolution of online technology in mobile... Read More

Integration in the Cloud: Finding Smarter Ways to do Business

Traditional business software is complex.  Really, really complex.  Not only do organizations get locked in to difficult implementations, requiring huge investment, hard-to-reach ROI, but they also force the expensive software to do things it wasn’t designed to do. Take SAP, for instance. SAP provides a suite of business... Read More

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