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Brand Guidelines Reinvented

Believe it or not, brand management used to be easier. You just emailed brand guidelines in a PDF and – voilà! – your designers and vendors had everything they needed to use your company’s logo, colors and typography correctly. Nowadays? Good luck with that. Social media, global teams, freelancers... Read More

Clean Up Your Act – and Your Assets

Many of us are guilty of, at some point, stealing images from the internet. Sure, stealing is wrong, but it’s the internet – everybody does it! It’s easy. It’s free. It saves us time. And it seems low-risk and high-reward. But the reality is, it’s not. Using images from the internet... Read More

Let Your Brand Guidelines Shine

Your brand is probably the most valuable asset your company owns, and your brand guidelines are the operating instructions for keeping that asset bright and shiny. So why do so many companies publish their brand guidelines on old-school static PDFs that are hard to use, quickly outdated and do... Read More

A Twisted Tale of Managing Brand Guidelines

Not so long ago, I was fully and happily immersed in the publishing industry. I had lots of files – yes, the physical kind – containing archived marketing collateral and old copies of the magazine I worked for. One of my responsibilities was to sort through media kits and... Read More

What is DAM?

We’ve all run into this scenario at work before: Where is that file? I know I had it somewhere. Was it in my email? The wiki? Grrr… Why can’t I find it?! Many businesses have trouble with efficient file management, especially as they grow to have more pieces of content.... Read More

Lyft Hits the Road with WebDAM

Walking down the streets of any major city these days, it’s impossible to miss the cars adorned with bright pink mustaches ferrying passengers to their destinations. Lyft, the ride-sharing service, uses technology to transform the way we get from point A to point B, and we’re very proud to announce... Read More

Top 5 Tools for Marketing and Creative Teams

In a digital landscape that is constantly evolving, it’s crucial for marketing and creative professionals to adapt. To be effective with growing your brand, engaging your audience, creating attractive design, retaining your customers, etc., it’s necessary to utilize tools that will help you remain relevant and master marketing in the... Read More

5 Tips for Mega-Influential Online Brand Management

Online brand management needs to be a central focus for marketers. It has far-reaching business consequences that tie directly into the success or failure of your business and can be critical when potential customers make their decisions. What exactly is online brand management? Simply put, it’s monitoring and guiding the... Read More

[Infographic] The Breakdown of Digital Asset Management

Digital asset management (DAM) allows organizations to connect their brands, creative files and teams from anywhere, at any time. More specifically, cloud DAM solutions are designed for marketing and creative teams to manage, search, share and distribute digital assets like logos, pictures, creative files, videos, documents, presentations and more. To... Read More

The 5 Habits of Great Brand Managers

[UPDATE: This post was so popular we decided to update it. You can read about the modern habits of successful brand managers here.] Brand management is vital for the success of any organization. It plays into every aspect of a brand’s products, communications and marketing. The brand manager (BM) is... Read More

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