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99% Customer Retention – What’s Behind a Number?

For any SaaS/cloud software company, particularly in the B2B/enterprise space, a high customer retention rate is one of the strongest metrics indicating a successful and healthy company. As veterans of the cloud know, acquiring new customers is more costly than retaining existing ones. In fact, a Bain & Co. study... Read More

[Infographic] How Creative Collaboration Has Evolved Over Time

Today, creatives are producing more content and designs than ever before. With the rise of social media, mobile devices and the digital experience, creatives have to work smart to create designs that will truly stand-out. To do this, new technologies and innovations are being used for creative collaboration. So as... Read More

Land a Marketing Triple Crown with the Right Content Management System

This weekend, all eyes in the equestrian world will be on California Chrome, the champion racehorse running in the Belmont Stakes, the longest thoroughbred race in the U.S. He’s already conquered the Kentucky Derby and the Preakness, and if all goes well, he’ll achieve the coveted 2014 Triple Crown of... Read More

3 Reasons the Right Content Management Platform will Kick Your Creativity into Overdrive

Sometimes when you’re focused on growing your company’s brand and driving in new business, it can be difficult to focus on the creativity of your company’s content and the way it is presented online. I’m sure you already know how incredibly important it is to have compelling, entertaining and educational... Read More

Cloud Computing – The Most Cost-Efficient Software Choice For Today’s Businesses

When you’re weighing the costs and benefits of different IT services – particularly between traditional on-premise vendors and newer, cloud-based solutions – it’s not always clear which choice will end up saving you money in the long run. Legacy IT service providers argue that their higher up-front costs are more... Read More

FTP Replacement: Making the Shift Towards Web-Based File Management

Anyone who has used an FTP system to manage files and data can tell you that while it can sometimes be useful for businesses to transfer files, the technology leaves a lot to be desired when it comes to many other business functions. FTP, or file transfer protocol, is a... Read More

Why Cloud-Based ECM Makes the Most Sense for the Modern Enterprise

As a business, it’s nearly impossible to function properly without a good enterprise content management system in place. Businesses are generating very valuable and often sensitive content and materials on a routine basis, so establishing a strong content management system at an enterprise level is crucial to a business’ success.... Read More

[Infographic] Why Mobile Marketing is Your Best Investment in 2014

Call 2014 the year that enterprise mobility really takes hold.  Organizations really need to explore mobile marketing strategies to extend their reach. With this rapid adoption of BYOD, the opportunities are growing for marketers and technology providers. Bringing together different tools  like cloud computing and big data helps businesses get... Read More

What Trends Will Drive Cloud-Based Computing in 2014?

The explosive growth of cloud computing in the past couple years has been a well-documented phenomenon in the IT market, and 2013 saw widespread adoption of cloud technology, especially by small and medium businesses. SMBs that choose cloud computing solutions see great benefit from the rapid time-to-market, reduced costs and... Read More

Beyond Wearables: Top Tech Trends to Follow From CES 2014

The Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas wrapped up this week, ending three days of the biggest names in tech showing off their latest and greatest gadgets and other futuristic product lines. The event, which is traditionally a way for tech companies to show off their best new products for... Read More

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