Blog | August 5, 2016

Canada Going for Brand Gold at the 2016 Olympics

by Trey Clark in Creative Workflow

Three-hundred fourteen athletes competing against 205 countries in 37 sports. Canada will be well represented in the 2016 Olympic games in Rio de Janeiro – and they plan on bringing home a lot of medals for their efforts.

No matter what happens on Brazil’s fields, gyms and tracks, the Canadian Olympic Committee (COC) is going to have unprecedented control of its image and narrative – because just like Olympians, brands need platforms too. Canada and the rest of the world will be watching the Olympics, so COC relies on Brand Connect, the brand management platform from Webdam, to be its image and communications nerve center.

Demand – and a serious lack of patience – for images and news are common for championship international athletic events. The Olympics take it to the next level. Media outlets are telling stories faster and covering more touchpoints than ever. Narratives are formed and solidified in moments.

So there’s not time to waste sifting through a library of raw photos. Media, sports bloggers and other publishers aren’t willing to wait when they can just get content (even of questionable quality) from somewhere else.


The COC refuses to be dead weight holding back a team full of speedsters. It’s using Brand Connect to make searching and curating images lightning fast. Images are shot, tagged with pertinent metadata and available for use in short order. The COC leads content requesters to its Brand Connect homepage, where a series of bold photos tells its story – and requesters can find and take what they need without asking for help.

Blog_COC_08052016_Desktop (1)

For a little over two weeks, the Olympics will be the center of attention across the globe. It will leave an impression that lasts, in some cases, a lifetime. The COC is making sure Canada’s indelible story is told on its terms. To view their entire public-facing media library and where we got the images for this post, check out their Brand Connect