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Brand Managers: Stop Sweating the Small Stuff


Thomas Edison famously attributed genius to 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration, but that’s a terrible ratio. Who wants to spend 99% of their time sweating the small stuff and only a measly 1% actually being inspired enough to come up with the big ideas?

Brand managers know this feeling well. The inspiration component is the fun part – developing the brand from scratch and coming up with fresh and creative campaigns. It’s the other part – the perspiration – that can challenge the soul. Laborious work like the development, production and distribution of content.

Much of the time and effort in brand management is spent obsessing over details. Existing and new assets must be consistent and current. It’s a full-time job making sure that these requirements are being met – and it gets even worse when you have to update an entire library of assets at once.

How many assets are there? Which need to be updated, and which don’t? Where do those assets reside, and how can you be sure you got them all?

It’s enough to drive you crazy.

The Secret to Reducing the 99%

But here’s the little secret about perspiration: working smart is still working. There’s no committee or watchdog group insisting that you do it all manually. No one will be impressed if you update 200 assets yourself and send dedicated emails to every single branch of the business. On the contrary – they’ll probably feel sorry for you.

Digital asset management (DAM) tools let you speed up and automate the mundane parts of your job so you can focus on the inspiring parts like concept development and strategy. The right tools can help with:

  • Minimizing asset requests: A DAM tool will let you store assets centrally and give access to the right people. You won’t be inundated with asset requests because people will be able to download what they need themselves whenever they want.
  • Tracking users: Want to make sure Salesman Bob received his copy of a file? A DAM can keep a log of everyone who’s accessed a file so that you’re certain it got to the right people.
  • Making distribution more efficient: Don’t send new versions of assets out to multiple mailing lists. Update one link and that’s it.
  • Staying organized: A good DAM solution makes it easy to tag, group and organize your library. This is just as valuable for finding images to use in new collateral as it is for cataloguing a finished PDF.  
  • Enforcing brand guidelines: Now that you’ve got an organized central asset library, it’s a simple matter to audit assets for brand compliance – and just as simple to update them if needed.

As you can see, you don’t need to sweat through the most mundane and time-consuming aspects of brand management. You just need a solution that will simplify that process for you. You’ll win back more time to use for more valuable tasks and become a better brand manager.


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