Blog | March 6, 2014

Brand Management Software: How Marketers Bring Home the Gold

by Preeti Upadhyaya in Brand Management

Most of us aren’t lucky enough to watch the world’s best winter sports play out live in front of our eyes. During the recent competition in Russia, games and events were delivered to millions of global fans through a range of rich visual media. Most events were live streamed to viewers on TV and online channels while compilations of hundreds of photos were distributed on websites. The sheer amount of digital assets created over two weeks is truly astonishing.

The events present a huge opportunity for marketers to leverage a captive audience and reach new customers during the two week long media frenzy. However, they also present an equally significant challenge in terms of brand management, fulfilling media requests, organization and flexibility with extremely demanding turnaround times.

This is especially true for individual countries that run point on every image, video clip, interview sound bite and all other media stemming from endorsements and partnerships, to name a few.

These committees manage a huge volume of digital assets all year round, but the flow becomes exponentially greater during the actual event. Countries send dedicated marketing teams to the host country to manage every piece of branded material representing athletes and teams. They work around the clock to ensure that team logos and other materials are being utilized properly so that everyone is properly depicted.

Because these marketing teams are always on the move, facilitating dozens of requests at once, they must have reliable access to all files from all devices anytime, anywhere. From media inquiries for images and logos to driving marketing campaigns and posting to numerous social media channels, marketers are pulled in many different directions in a high-pressure environment. They need easy-to-use, flexible technology to get the job done.

So how do some such committees tackle the challenge and succeed?

Ahead of the games in Russia, we spoke to the Canadian Olympic Committee to discuss how that team manages its brand. As a recent host country and a formidable player in recent competitions, Canada has cultivated a strong image around winter sports that must be carefully maintained and distributed. To learn how this iconic team has successfully managed its image, click here to read the full story.