Blog | December 17, 2015

Brand Guidelines Reinvented

by Alisha Wilson in Digital Asset Management

Believe it or not, brand management used to be easier. You just emailed brand guidelines in a PDF and – voilà! – your designers and vendors had everything they needed to use your company’s logo, colors and typography correctly.

Nowadays? Good luck with that. Social media, global teams, freelancers and an explosion of digital creative mean there are more visual assets being produced than ever before. Brands must constantly consider the landscape and adapt accordingly.

Along with an increased number of assets and file types, there are also more – and more refined – marketing channels to consider. You have to tailor your brand guidelines to fit those channels, because a print ad in the Ladies’ Home Journal and memes on Buzzfeed shouldn’t play by the same rules.

So how do you keep up? This helpful four-step guide will put you on the right path towards building brand guidelines for today’s marketing world.

First, get a baseline for your brand and evaluate the current state of your guidelines to spot gaps and opportunities. Next, identify the current marketing channels and areas where you want to explore. Adapt your brand guidelines to fit these new channels. Finally, learn how to effectively distribute your brand guidelines so your brand story is being told the right way.

Download our four-step guide to go digital and set your brand free: