Blog | August 9, 2017

Turbocharged Creative Workflows to Level Up Your Team

by Samantha Taylor in Creative Workflow Creative workflow solutions to turbocharge your team

When you sit down to play a video or mobile game, you know it’s a long journey to the end. But the addictive thrill of leveling up and becoming more powerful as the game progresses keeps you moving forward. We’re addicted to that thrill, too. Except it’s not about the games we play, it’s about the software we build. In April, we introduced Workstream, a creative project management solution that aligns people, projects and tasks so you can produce better work, faster. We’ve recently leveled it up with new enhancements that keep teams moving through creative workflows at warp-speed.

Unlocked: A New Location for Request Forms

Request forms can now be posted to your Brand Connect portal, your hub for sharing brand guidelines and approved assets, allowing non-Workstream users to submit requests for content. Use the configurable form builder to generate project-specific creative briefs that ask requesters all the right questions. Then, let the people on the frontlines of your sales and marketing activities provide all the right answers. Instead of creating assets that miss the mark, your projects are informed directly from the people closest to your customers so you can deliver content that wows, every time.

Share brand guidelines and creative assets easily

Play in Team Mode for Faster Results

Workstream is focused on helping you get things done faster. Where video games focus on DPS (damage per second) and how fast things are destroyed, Workstream increases PPS (productivity per second) so projects can be completed and approved quickly. One way Workstream makes you more productive is through the introduction of Teams. Often the same group of people is involved in the development of creative content – now you can group these users into Teams for more efficient communication. Have an approval ready? Simply send it to the Team instead of typing or searching for one email address at a time. Everyone on the Team can stay informed about where creative assets are in the development cycle, quickly view the same proof and its related comments and know when it’s been approved. Workstream turbocharges communication and sharing.

Share creative assets with the marketing team

Flexible Connections

If this were a game, you could choose your own adventure. With Workstream APIs, you can now choose your own integrations. APIs allow software programs to talk to each other and exchange information. By making the APIs available, Workstream is ready to integrate with many of the tools you already use to develop and share creative assets.

Integrate tools to develop and share creative assets

The Power of Choice

Lastly, what would a game be without the occasional special power or ability? Workstream has its own eleven-language power pack to supercharge the momentum of your creative workflow. Just select the language you’re most comfortable with, or the one you operate your other programs in, to create a seamless experience as you move between Workstream and other apps, platforms and software.

Select up to eleven-languages

With these Workstream enhancements, you have the special combo for a better-connected, faster workflow.

Press Start below to watch a short video about Workstream, our creative workflow solution. If you’re a Webdam customer interested in adding Workstream, contact your customer success manager.