Blog | September 13, 2012

Now Available: Webinar on Best PPT Presentation Management & Automation Features

by kagatep in Events, Webdam Updates

We hope you enjoyed the webinar about new release features…

…because we sure enjoyed demonstrating them for you! Those of you who were able to join us yesterday got a live walk-through of the newest Webdam features, presented by Lead Customer Success Manager, Leigh Ann Ledford and Director of Marketing, Ron Selvey. If you couldn’t make it this time around, don’t worry because Webdam has you covered. The webinar recording is available online at

Throughout the webinar, we received a lot of great questions about creative automation and best PowerPoint presentation management. As promised, we have listed them below for you to reference at any time. If you have any other questions feel free to send us an email at or feel free to post and share your ideas at

Q:  How do we turn these best PowerPoint presentation management features on?

There is no need to turn on the PowerPoint presentation and PDF viewer, it will work automatically for all PowerPoints and PDFs you are storing in your Webdam. However, for security purposes, only users who have access to the download the original file will have the ability to scroll through the entire file. Those users that have access to view only, or access to download only presets, will not have access to view the entire set. They will see the first slide of the PowerPoint and the first page of the PDF.

Q:  Does the PowerPoint presentation management features support both .ppt and .pptx formats?

Yes, both formats (.ppt and .pptx) are supported by Webdam and the presentation viewer.

Q: Is the preset download creation process the same for end users as it is for admins if they’re in a group with permission to create their own?

Any user belonging to a group that has the option to “create their own presets” enabled by the admin, can create custom presets on the gallery side. The admin can create a custom preset tied only to their account on the gallery side like any other user with the appropriate group permissions. The admin can also create custom presets in the Global Preferences so that they may be made available to any group.

Q: Prior to asset download, if you resize the width of the asset, is the proportional height maintained?

The conversions done through Webdam maintain a locked aspect ratio. You can dictate the dimensions based on width, height, or longest side of any given asset. The asset will be downsized based on that while retaining the proportion.

Q: Is there a way for us to remove the low-res JPEGs that have already been created in our account, now that the custom download profiles mean we don’t really need the presized versions?

Absolutely!  The former presets that were defined in Webdam have been created in all existing accounts by default. You can remove these through the Global Preferences. Simply delete, or edit the existing presets to meet your needs.