Blog | November 12, 2013

[Infographic] 20 Captivating Marketing Stats to Drive 2014

by Katie Sculley in Brand Management, Content Marketing

The marketing landscape is in constant change and, with 2013 almost over and 2014 just around the corner; it’s time to start planning for this upcoming year. New technologies and tools have spawned enormous developments as companies are constantly adopting innovative strategies that aim to increase brand impact and customer reach, while minimizing marketing expenditure.

So, as marketers look ahead for 2014, the businesses that keep their eyes on the changing trends will survive and thrive. Clearly, then, knowing what’s to come will help them build a better strategy, have strong marketing campaigns, and be ready for the future.

We have gathered data from industry experts and sources and put together this handy infographic to illustrate 20 trends and statistics that will drive marketing in 2014.

2014 Marketing Statistics Infographic

So, what is on the horizon for the marketing world? For once, internet advertising will make up nearly 25% of the entire ad market by 2015. Not just that, but 72% of marketers plan to increase their PPC budget in the coming year (tweet this stat).


Our infographic will also show you:

  • The rise of digital marketing budgets
  • The percentage of companies that have a content marketing strategy
  • What is ahead for inbound marketing
  • What reporters think press releases should contain
  • How much will be spent on digital marketing collateral

We have also included facts about digital audiences and the growth and power of social media in regards to marketing.

This infographic gives you information that will give you a better understanding of future developments in marketing and communications. You will be able to craft data driven marketing campaigns to take on 2014 in full force!

Get this infographic to see all of the facts and share it on social or even embed it on your website!

2014 Marketing Statistics Infographic
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