Blog | July 5, 2016

BFFLs: Webdam and Dropbox

by Trey Clark in Digital Asset Management Dropbox and Webdam streamline your marketing operations with our api integration

People love their cloud solutions. And what’s not to like – access to all your stuff, all the time, from anywhere.

Those great benefits don’t always translate so well to business, though. When you have employees saving a bunch of files on personal cloud storage sites (as well as hard drives and email), important assets are likely difficult to track down, tedious to share with others and, worst of all, not secure.

So how do we manage, organize and share creatives assets and files that are stored in different cloud systems? Lean on your DAM.

It’s the number one place where everyone should go to find the most up-to-date files in a secure, enterprise environment. Even if your creative assets and files happen to live outside your DAM solution.

That’s right. Seeing Webdam and Dropbox hold hands is a beautiful thing. Their friendship allows you to skip the tiresome download/upload process and grab Dropbox files directly from Webdam.

Once a file is in Webdam, you can add metadata, control access with enterprise-level security and distribute like you do all your files. You can also send files back to Dropbox – metadata and all – without taking the extra steps to open and manage Dropbox.

Here’s how it works:

Say a freelance designer sends you an EPS file via Dropbox. Most non-designers won’t even be able to open that file. Instead of downloading it to your desktop, uploading to Webdam and then deleting from your desktop, you can simply open the file from Dropbox using the integration in Webdam. Your team can download the file from Webdam in whatever format suits their purpose (JPG, GIF, PNG, etc.). No need to ask a designer for help converting the file.

Now let’s say you need to share that file with a partner that doesn’t have access to your DAM. Just like earlier, you can skip the download and upload steps and push the file directly to Dropbox to share from there.

Fewer clicks, more control, easier to use. The ultimate friendship. The Dropbox integration for Webdam is available free for all users.