Blog | June 14, 2011

Jump on the DAM Bandwagon: Best Ways to Promote your Webdam

by Melissa Kelly in Digital Asset Management

You don’t need convincing – you’ve been enjoying all the advantages of Webdam for some time. But sometimes, it’s not so easy to get everyone else to join in and get excited about digital asset management. Ok, so maybe DAM is not as exciting as the latest drama on the Bachelorette, but it does improve workflow, save time, and benefit your whole organization. If only your colleagues knew everything you knew about Webdam, there’s no doubt they’d love it just as much as you do.

So, your mission is clear: spread the word and advocate to your colleagues about Webdam and how they can and should use it.  After all, the more your DAM is utilized, the greater value it will bring across your organization.  We’ll get you started with just a few simple pointers:

Be Original

Give out unique user accounts in order for everyone to take advantage of Webdam’s rich set of features. For example, every user can have their own lightbox to organize, send, and download digital assets for different projects. Your parents may have taught you to share, but in the DAM space, sharing gets messy and complicated. Do you really want to break up fights between your colleagues over username custody? Be a peacemaker (and company hero); stop the conflict before it starts – unique user accounts is the way to go.

Launch it

Promote Webdam to your colleagues like your business depends on it – because it does! You implemented it and know all the specific problems Webdam solves. And in business, time is money, so get the word out: make a contest, put signs up, Photoshop Lady Gaga and Bono at a desk using it – be creative and have fun with it! We’ve seen one organization promote their Webdam at their annual trade show with a booth that teaches their users the ins and out. (Oh, and they gave away free DAM swag. Remember, people love their swag.)

Stay Familiar

Webdam can brand your DAM for seamless integration with your original website. It’ll feel like your users never even left! With branding, your users will be more likely to learn the system, and adoption is easier when the look and feel mimics what people are already accustomed to.

Create Convenience

Provide links from your website to your Webdam for easy accessibility. Can you effortlessly navigate over to your DAM from your site? If not, that could explain a lot about why people aren’t using it. You’re a DAM hero, not a DAM spy, so make it quick and easy for people to access your branded DAM.

Coach Your Team

Educating your Webdam users on the system is key for adoption. If they don’t know what to do on the site or even what it’s capable of, then most of it will fall to by the wayside. Coach your team with tips, custom pages, custom training materials, or even extra Webdam materials. You have our permission to carry a loud whistle if you’d like.

Communicate Regularly

Create your own newsletter to promote your assets and newest features in Webdam.  Don’t know what to put on it?  Sign up to receive our newsletter at the bottom right corner of any page. You can take ideas from our newsletters (we won’t tell) or forward it to your users. Better yet, have  them sign up too. Not to toot our own horn (toot!), but we always have great content in our newsletter, like our regular “Feature In Focus” section that highlights a different Webdam feature every month.

Never Miss a Beat

Promote RSS feed subscriptions so everyone knows when new assets are added. If you keep everyone up to date, there will never be bottlenecks in distribution. Let’s say you’re on the web team and you’re waiting for pictures from a company event to put on the website. With the RSS feed, there’s no delay because you automatically know when and what is uploaded – even if the photographer forgets to email you saying the pictures were uploaded.

Set an Example

If you’re using the system yourself (don’t make me come over there and check!), your users should already be familiar with Webdam’s distribution benefits.  This helps encourage them to use it; just from being a recipient of a download invitation, for example, they already can see firsthand how distribution problems are being solved. Be Zen about it and become the change you wish to see in your workflows.

This might seem a little overwhelming, but you don’t have to do everything suggested all at once.  Just start with a few of the suggested tips and you’ll soon be well on your way to having everyone join the ways of Webdam. Remember, for a DAM hero, the more the merrier!