Blog | October 30, 2013

Best Halloween Costumes in Silicon Valley 2013

by Katie Sculley in Webdam Updates

Sitting in the northern part of California, Silicon Valley has long been at the forefront of innovation and originality. With a cool and entrepreneurial spirit, it stands out as the place to be. During Halloween, it only gets better. From the popular professions and influential events, to the most brilliant personalities and coolest companies, here is a list of the best Halloween costumes celebrating what makes this place so unique.

King of Social Media

Best Social King Costume 2013

Be the highest paid CEO that has taken the valley by storm. With a signature hoodie, relaxed jeans, and money flashing through your pockets, you are set to become the coolest geek in town, and, more than that, sweep some social Likes as well.

Bart Worker on Strike

Best Bart Strike Costume 2013

This past summer and in recent weeks Silicon Valley experienced the BART strike; an event that could not go under the radar for Halloween. Now it’s your turn to “strike” the party and become a BART employee yourself. By simply combining a gray colored jumpsuit (which resembles the employee gear), and carrying a sign that reads: “We Want More,” you will seal the deal.

Money Hungry Software Developer

Best Software Developer Costume

A popular profession in the area, software developers abound. Now you can be one of them with this fun and easy costume. All you need is your Laptop, a cool T-shirt, headphones and, of course, money overflowing through your pockets – it’s a lucrative job after all. With this costume, you could be everything but ordinary.

Search Engine Employee

Best Search Engine Employee Costume 2013

Look as if you work at one of the coolest companies in the Silicon Valley. This could not be avoided on the list of 2013 Best Halloween Costumes in Silicon Valley. Representing a fun culture and cool gadgets, this tech’ed-out guru is as happy as can be. You can become one of them too. Sport some striking glasses, ride a signature colored bike, and embody the quirky culture for the day.

Social Media Manager


Another very popular silicon valley guru has taken social media to a whole new level with tweets, feeds, and hashtags. Here’s 140 characters of sound advice: portray a social media manager and tweet up your style with a blue social bird costume. Add a “Follow Me” sign around your neck and you may as well be getting some more followers on this day.

Notable Zombie Innovator

Best Zombie Halloween Costume

Zombies are all the rage these days and so are our technology heroes! Be the cult followed, well-respected, most well-known and loved innovator in Silicon Valley. Look as if you raised the bar in the technology field and created an entire culture with revolutionary tech gadgets. This Halloween, you can live the dream. A black, long-sleeve turtleneck shirt, round glasses, New Balance shoes, some makeup, and a distinguished device in hand will do. This will make you the most influential creative genius in the room.

So there you have it, the 2013 Best Halloween Costumes in Silicon Valley. With some creativity, imagination, and fun, your costume will truly stand out. After all, that is what Silicon Valley is all about.