Blog | November 17, 2014

The Best Part About Being a Webdam CSM

by Dustin in Webdam Updates

The best part about being a Customer Success Manager at Webdam is working with the top companies across a range of industries. Who wouldn’t want to work with brands like Elmer’s Products Inc., Kawasaki, Visit California and the Detroit Lions?

On any given day, we talk with leaders in healthcare, media, consumer brands, travel and dozens of other markets. Our customers are on the cutting edge of technology, which means learning about their marketing strategies and DAM needs is never boring.

As an example, seeing amazing photos from the nation’s top tourism sites will inspire you to travel the country. Browsing images from the world’s top universities and athletic programs will make anyone want to go back to school. Learning how the marketing gears turn at top consumer brands is fascinating, and it is always rewarding to work with leading healthcare organizations.

As Customer Success Managers, our goal is to ensure Webdam is bringing immense value to our customers. This means we’re dedicated to learn our users’ daily challenges, goals and workflows. As Webdam CSMs, we prioritize asking the right questions and digging deep to help our customers in the best ways possible.

Ahead of each call, we visit our customers’ websites to re-familiarize ourselves with their products and industry. This way, we don’t have to spend time getting up to speed with our customers’ background info, and we’re able to apply industry expertise from other customers with similar use cases.

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Since we have such a deep understanding of our customers’ needs and business goals, it’s easier to anticipate their future needs and influence changes to our product roadmap. The customer experience is always on the top of our mind. One of our biggest responsibilities as CSMs is to advocate internally and become the voice of our customers to prioritize the needs of our users.

That’s exactly what we had in mind with the newly re-designed We listened closely to our customers’ feedback and added new functionality, usability and resources to this great self-service website. To see it for yourself, be sure to register for our upcoming live webinar on November 19 to see the unveiling.

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Date: Wednesday, November 19

Time: 10:00 – 11:00 AM PST

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