Blog | May 25, 2011

Feature in Focus: Administration…In Batch!

by Leigh Ann Ledford in Webdam Updates

Tight deadlines and the constant demand for quicker results in shorter time frames are realities in today’s all-digital business world. Webdam has an arsenal of tools available to help companies meet these needs, delivering DAM results quickly and accurately.

The search tool in Webdam is the go-to tool for system users trying to find the digital assets they need. The Power Search page gives users the ability to further specify their query with date ranges, file orientations and more. These same search tools are also available to the system administrators and contributors in the backend of the system. The difference with the backend search lies in what can be done with the results…in batch!

Scenario 1:

You are tasked with the project of archiving all digital assets uploaded prior to June 2010.

digital asset management backend search

Problem: These assets are housed in several different folders. How do you find the right assets and move them quickly?

Solution: Search by the date uploaded and move the resulting assets to your designated archival folder, all at once!

How: From the Admin Homepage, click on “Search Assets” under the Folders & Assets menu. Enter your date range into the “Date Uploaded” field. Once your results display, use the multi-select tool to choose all of the assets. From the “Move” drop down (right-side), choose the folder you want to move the assets to.

Scenario 2:

You’re working on the marketing effort for a new product launch and are responsible for making all of the digital files associated with the launch available in Webdam so your design, web and marketing teams can readily access them. You upload all of the assets into the appropriate folders and tag them with the product name as a keyword so your users can find them easily.

Problem: Your boss comes to you and says pull them off Webdam – they are not approved for distribution yet!

Solution: No need to remove them from the system; you can simply deactivate them until your boss returns with approval.

How: Perform a search on the backend of the account by the product name used to tag the assets. Once the results display, check all using the multi-select tool and click on “Deactivate.” And, when you do receive approval, follow the same steps to get to the search but search inactive assets in the advanced search, then locate, select the assets – click on “Activate.”

The applications for both the backend search and batch actions are endless. Need to reorganize your DAM? Try out the batch action to move your assets into different folders. Have digital assets that you don’t want your users to see just yet? Don’t worry about taking them out of the system, simply search and deactivate!

We would love to hear how Webdam solved your “I need it now” problem. Drop us a line.