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WebDAM Welcomes New VP of Sales

As WebDAM continues to grow as a company and expand our hiring efforts, we’re thrilled to announce Bob Hickey joined as Vice President of Sales. Bob brings over 20 years of enterprise sales experience. Before joining WebDAM, Bob served as Vice President of Global Field Operations at Certain Inc., a... Read More

Creative Turn Ons to Keep You Inspired

“Creativity is contagious. Pass it on.”    As creative professionals, we’ve all experienced creative block at some point. Even the most talented designers and artists can get stuck in a rut, because developing original, engaging designs on a constant basis can be a challenge. Inspired by Albert Einstein’s quote above,... Read More

Shutterstock to Acquire WebDAM

Today, WebDAM is thrilled to announce that we have signed a definitive agreement to be acquired by Shutterstock! This is very exciting news for our staff, customers, and partners worldwide. WebDAM will be an independent business unit of Shutterstock and will continue to operate out of our Silicon Valley based... Read More

Seeing The Truth Behind Visual Thinking

Evoking a target emotion through design and messaging is a core focus for marketers and creatives. Design can only be great if people actually have the intended response, whether it be feeling a certain emotion or doing a specific action. The concepts of visual communication have great influence on the... Read More

4 Rules for User Experience (UX) Design by Silicon Valley Experts

Silicon Valley is synonymous with innovation, from the mythical HP garage to the remarkable Apple and Google campuses and product launches. What is it about Silicon Valley that drives this success? Companies are turning to user experience design to revolutionize product value, customer happiness, and technology advancement.  They are taking... Read More

It’s Official: We Launched The New WebDAM Experience!

The big announcement started on the opening day of the 2013 Macworld | iWorld Conference out here in San Francisco.  At a privately held WebDAM launch event called Your brand without boundaries, over 1000+ RSVP’d attendees draped around the block, anxiously awaiting the launch of The New WebDAM Experience. It... Read More

Introducing the WebDAM Partner Program. Bring Others to Cloud.

WebDAM plays nice with others. We’ve invested in building a partner program so that others can benefit from WebDAM’s cutting-edge DAM cloud platform and unsurpassed customer service — a top choice by marketing professionals throughout the world. As a business, we know you spend a lot of time evaluating, implementing,... Read More

Why My Grandma Knows the Term “Cloud Computing”

How do you know when a company is ready to upgrade to a forward-thinking and well-adopted technology? It’s simple – when it’s gone from being an industry buzzword to something that even grandparents know about. I’m going to share why my Grandma now knows the term “cloud”. Sophisticated cloud technologies... Read More

7 Most Common Brand Management Mistakes

In the past decade, brand management has evolved into a multi-faceted responsibility. No longer just a combination of traditional identity/print/broadcast, everything from social media to search engine ranking impacts brand identity. Many traditional methods still apply, but marketers must be cutting-edge to compete in today’s brand-saturated world. Here are seven... Read More

WebDAM Continues Momentum with Another Record-Breaking Quarter!

WebDAM surpasses expectations and breaks records in the digital asset management industry once again! Just last quarter we announced doubling sales and breaking records and now we’re announcing even greater success. We’re thrilled to have exceeded Q3 sales and revenue goals on top of increasing our year-over-year customer retention rate... Read More

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