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Brand Managers: Stop Sweating the Small Stuff

Thomas Edison famously attributed genius to 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration, but that’s a terrible ratio. Who wants to spend 99% of their time sweating the small stuff and only a measly 1% actually being inspired enough to come up with the big ideas? Brand managers know this feeling well.... Read More

Picking Your PDFs (and Other Assets) Fresh from the Tree

Working with marketing collateral is like working with fresh produce: assets can spoil quickly. New PDFs are the crisp, shiny apples in your asset bin, providing marketing and sales with material that gives a good impression of your brand. But as campaigns and customer needs change and the asset... Read More

Email Subject Lines – How to Increase Open Rates

If open rates for your email marketing campaigns are less than 18%, your subject lines probably need help.

A great subject line is often the difference between an email that gets opened and one that gets ignored completely. Some marketers say they spend twice as much time reviewing... Read More

Inbound vs Outbound Marketing: What’s the Best Strategy for Your Brand?

Inbound marketing is often called earned, organic, permission marketing. Outbound marketing gets described as outdated, obnoxious, interruption marketing.

Inbound marketing must be the better strategy, right?

In recent years, outbound marketing has gotten a bad rap. It seems like every blog has a post comparing outbound marketing... Read More

Join Us at the Henry Stewart DAM Conference in NY

This is the digital asset management (DAM) event and afterparty you don’t want to miss. Join us in New York City at the Henry Stewart DAM NY 2015, May 7-8. You’ll hear from some of the biggest brands and DAM experts, including Elmer’s, Eileen Fisher, Comedy Central, Johnson &... Read More

First-date Faux Pas Brands Should Avoid

Maybe it was the guy who asked a deeply personal question before the appetizers arrived, or the gal who talked about herself without pausing to ask you a single question, or the date who wouldn’t stop talking about an ex… If you’ve ever been on a bad first date, you’ve... Read More

Fifty Shades of Branding

From building an authoritative brand to dominating the market, what does it take to manage your brand in today’s modern world? In this safe-for-work eBook, you’ll discover best practices around brand management and telling statistics to create and sustain a successful brand. Share this eBook On Your... Read More

WebDAM Welcomes New Content Marketing Manager

I’m excited to introduce Emilie Doolittle, WebDAM’s new Content Marketing Manager. Emilie joins us with over seven years of writing and marketing experience from a variety of companies in the Silicon Valley. Emilie’s career started off in journalism, when she wrote stories for the Mercury News and local newspapers. Then... Read More

What is Selfless Content Marketing?

You’ve probably seen your share of overly promotional content. It’s like the person you wish you didn’t start talking to at a party. You’re initially attracted to an enticing blog title or picture promising something interesting. Then you engage, and BAM. You’re stuck listening to a brand talk on-and-on about... Read More

DAM Good Deeds: Spreading Holiday Cheer in the Community

During the hustle and bustle of the holidays, it’s always nice to take a few moments to share your appreciation with loved ones, and we’d like to do that with you. To all of our customers and partners, thank you for your business, contributing great ideas, and being a genuine... Read More

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