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Part 2: The Right Medium for the Right Message

Welcome to part two of The Right Medium for the Right Message. In part one, we talked about the massive changes in the marketing landscape between the broadcast era and our current digital era, then doled out three tips for honing in on your message so you can speak clearly to your audience.... Read More

The Right Message for the Right Medium

This post has so much good stuff, we had to split it into parts. Part two comes your way Oct. 27.

For over a century, brands simply took to mass media channels to convey their messages. But the broadcast era is long gone. Now we’re knee deep in... Read More

Your Brand’s Narrative – How to Make the Audience the Hero of Your Story

Simon Sinek, in his famous TEDx talk “How Great Leaders Inspire Action,” said:

“People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it.”

In an ever-saturated market place, a narrative that creates a long-lasting experience for your audience is the one that creates brand loyalty.... Read More

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