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8 Marketing Metrics That Matter to CMOs

You may spend your days obsessing over click-through rates or website visits, but those probably aren’t the metrics your CMO cares most about.

CMOs need to justify the value of marketing, so they’re looking for stats that show how marketing is helping attract and retain customers, sell products... Read More

How to Craft Clickable CTAs

It can be clever or creative, but if it doesn’t make customers take action, it’s not effective.

We’re talking about your Call to Action. CTAs are the small but important steps you ask your customers to take: click on a link to find more information, enter an email... Read More

8 Ways to Build Marketing Skills Without an MBA

Data analysis. Social media. Mobile.

Have you mastered the skills you need for the future of marketing?

As marketing becomes more technology and data-driven, modern marketers need to adopt a new set of skills to thrive. CMOs are looking for marketers who can run marketing automation platforms,... Read More

Is Busy the New Lazy? 5 Ways Marketers Can Work More Efficiently

Know any marketers who constantly complain – or brag – about how busy they are? Or the ones who are “too busy” to break for lunch or go to happy hour?

Maybe they’re crazy busy. Or maybe they’re just lazy…

Marketers are genuinely busy, but often, being... Read More

32 Must-Use Social Media Tools for the Modern Marketer

Social media can eat up lots of time, especially for marketers.

According to Social Media Examiner’s 2014 survey of marketers, 64% of marketers spend six or more hours a week using social media, but 85% of them said they didn’t know which tools were best for managing social... Read More

7 Ways to Stay Creative in a Data-Driven World

In the era of big data, marketing can feel a little less creative.

Data is driving more marketing decisions, from when to tweet to which headline is best. Even some of the most creative aspects of marketing, such as website design and blog headlines, are becoming automated. Read More

Throwback to the 90s: How Brands’ Websites Evolved

From Full House to Sleater-Kinney, lots of trends from the 1990s are making a comeback. Fortunately, ’90s web design isn’t one of them.

In the ’90s, many brands treated webpages like a futuristic novelty. Lots of sites featured space themes and didn’t provide much useful information for customers.... Read More

10 Tips for Writing the Perfect Headline

It’s the most important piece of content you create. It’s what makes your audience decide to click-through, retweet, or download; and it may be what you spend the least amount of time writing – when you shouldn’t.

We’re talking about the headline.

Online, headlines are often the... Read More

27 Tools for the Modern Marketer

As the marketer’s role becomes more data-driven and analytical, they need to master a new set of tools.

According to a 2014 survey conducted by the Economist, CMOs said marketing operations, technology, and data analysis were some of the top areas where their organizations need expertise. One CMO... Read More

What does it take to be a brand manager?

So, you think you’ve got what it takes to be a brand manager?

Brand management is about much more than approving logos and T.V. commercials. As the leaders responsible for the success of their brands, brand managers have always shouldered a lot of responsibility, including strategic initiatives like... Read More

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