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Brand Management in the Digital Era

Here’s the toughest thing about being in charge of your company’s brand: you don’t actually have control of it. Brand is whatever comes into people’s minds when they think of your organization. It’s based on every experience and interaction with your brand – those you control and those you don’t.... Read More

Brand Guidelines Reinvented

Believe it or not, brand management used to be easier. You just emailed brand guidelines in a PDF and – voilà! – your designers and vendors had everything they needed to use your company’s logo, colors and typography correctly. Nowadays? Good luck with that. Social media, global teams, freelancers... Read More

In Costume and On Brand

Halloween is right around the corner, and your brand wants to dress up. You don’t want to be a fuddy-duddy, but how do you pull that off in an on-brand way? First off: good instincts! Everything from office decorations to marketing materials should be on brand – even for Halloween.... Read More

Less Time Chasing Assets. More Time Creating.

Designers are a diverse group. But one thing many of us have in common: a very complicated workflow. At least 12 open browser tabs, three-to-five Adobe programs, your downloads folder, screenshots from your desktop, your DAM, a sketch book, a cat and a strong cup of coffee. There’s lots of... Read More

Experts reveal: Managing Creatives, NOT an Impossible Task

There’s simply no pinning down the creative type. Brilliant, ornery, thoughtful, delightful: some possess all of these qualities at once, while others don’t possess any.

So how does one tame the creative beast? Better yet, how does one get them to consistently produce fantastic work?

Read More

Top Web Design Trends That will Work for Your Brand

Remember when we thought automatically playing music was a great way to welcome visitors to our website? Or when flash intros were cutting-edge? Or when a rotating homepage slider seemed essential?

It’s easy to laugh at web design trends that have gone the way of dial-up, but most... Read More

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