Blog | April 23, 2014

AtTask Teams Up with Webdam to Drive Enterprise Marketing Success

by Preeti Upadhyaya in Brand Management, Digital Asset Management, Webdam Updates

Today’s enterprise marketing teams have never been busier. To stay competitive, they must juggle many different projects while creating and disseminating an ever-growing collection of digital assets. To reach new audiences through a growing range of media channels, marketing teams work around the clock and around the world. Thanks to these trends, the demand for a reliable and intuitive platform to manage digital assets and work has never been higher. Today, we’re excited to announce that the world of marketing just got a bit easier.

To meet the needs of modern day marketing teams, AtTask, a leading project management platform has connected Webdam to the AtTask Marketing Cloud.  And of course, we couldn’t be more pleased about the partnership. AtTask shares our vision of providing the world’s top brands with the most organic way to work, and we’re excited to bring our two technologies together to help teams soar pass their competition.

See How AtTask & Webdam Work Together

Just imagine an enterprise team of forty individuals, working around the world, collaborating on the same marketing program. Everyone has different tasks and responsibilities to make this program a success, whether they’re creating graphics, designing campaign strategies, writing marketing content or handling operational aspects. This situation poses obvious challenges, especially when teams are working on multiple marketing programs at once — a common theme in today’s intense marketing world.  With so many moving parts, keeping everyone on the same page is a must.

Using Webdam and AtTask, cross-functional teams can stay connected with their projects, tasks and digital files with ease. Webdam’s powerful digital asset management platform ensures AtTask users are working on tasks and projects while staying connected to the most current version of files. This eliminates brand inconsistencies and simplifies workflows. AtTask’s project management software helps teams plan, monitor and manage every stage of a marketing campaign’s work lifecycle, saving valuable time and boosting productivity. This integration empowers enterprise teams to work seamlessly and achieve consistent marketing and branding wins!

To experience Webdam and AtTask first hand, go here.