Blog | June 23, 2015

Announcing Our New Partnership with Penske Media

by Emilie Doolittle in Webdam Updates

We couldn’t be more excited to announce our partnership with Penske Media Corporation (PMC), one of the world’s largest digital media companies. PMC publishes some of our favorite digital brands, from always-fashionable WWD to iconic Variety.

With images dating back 100 years, PMC brands will use Webdam to manage all of their editorial content and creative files. The new editorial archive will store photos and videos from the 50-plus events PMC covers, including high-fashion runway shoots and Hollywood events, like the Academy Awards.

Webdam will integrate seamlessly with Shutterstock to syndicate the editorial content to media partners and PMC Brands. This will make the editorial workflow simpler, so brands and publications spend less time looking for editorial images and videos, and more time creating compelling content.

“PMC is producing incredibly large volumes of content, and we needed a flexible, customizable solution to manage the flow and distribution of our content,” said Jay Penske, Chairman and CEO of PMC. “After considerable diligence, we decided to leverage Webdam’s platform due to its impressive cloud infrastructure that has proven it can scale with the rate of our business growth.”

This partnership is especially important to us as it signals our increasingly active role in the editorial marketplace. Furthermore, our technology will support Shutterstock’s strategic partnership with PMC, helping the companies to quickly manage and license entertainment and fashion content to the world’s top media, publishing and creative companies.

“PMC is excited to collaborate with the Webdam and Shutterstock teams to bring a world-class offering to market, not only in terms of image quality and insider-access, but also speed to market, which is essential in the digital media landscape,” said Craig Perreault, SVP of Business Development of PMC. “Both PMC and Webdam recognize the power of how quickly the cloud enables a company to move, and together PMC, Shutterstock and Webdam are poised to take advantage of that speed.”

Learn more about the strategic partnership via our full announcement.