Blog | January 28, 2015

Global Marketing Agency MKTG Learns How to Save Time Managing File Requests

by Emilie Doolittle in Digital Asset Management

Halfway through a big meeting, you realize the presentation that perfectly illustrates your point isn’t saved on your laptop. It’s stored in another department’s file-sharing system, and you don’t have access.

Most of us have experienced the panic of realizing we don’t have the information we need at that crucial moment during a meeting. A global marketing services company turned to Webdam to ensure its sales team didn’t encounter this situation.

Challenges Staying Connected

MKTG INC is an international marketing services agency headquartered in New York. The agency has satellite offices across the U.S. and London. Many of the agency’s 350 employees work remotely or travel for business.

The agency had hundreds of digital assets, but no central platform to house them. Like many companies, MKTG INC had difficulty providing all team members access to the digital assets they needed, when they needed them.

The agency also struggled to manage file requests efficiently. MKTG INC used an FTP server to send files to sales teams and clients, but the process was slow and inefficient. Their sales and marketing coordinator spent hours responding to file requests everyday, time that could have been used to focus on other responsibilities. Team members were frustrated by the server’s slow downloads and inability to download large files.

The DAM solution

MKTG INC considered several digital asset management solutions. The agency was impressed with Webdam’s user-friendly, aesthetically pleasing interface and responsive customer service.

Since deploying Webdam, MKTG INC has been able to connect its sales team to digital assets more effectively. Instead of downloading files from an FTP server, team members use a smartphone or web-enabled device to find the assets they need. Now, team members across the world have round-the-clock access to information, enabling them to pull up documents quickly during a client meeting or find files easily while working remotely. And because Webdam provides a central location for digital assets, MKTG INC can ensure all team members are using the most up-to-date information.

Webdam has also helped the agency increase employee productivity. MKTG INC’s sales and marketing coordinator no longer spends hours responding to file requests, and team members don’t waste time waiting on slow downloads.

How Can DAM Help You?

If your organization stores files in multiple locations or has employees who work remotely, you’re probably facing some of the same asset management challenges MKTG INC experienced. Learn more about how Webdam can help connect your team to your digital assets. Click below to read the full case study.