Blog | June 26, 2014

Achieving Zen with Creative File Management

by Melissa Kelly in Brand Management, Digital Asset Management

Today, one of the biggest challenges we face as marketing and creative pros is how to manage our creative assets in the most efficient and organic way possible. To address this, our content specialist compiled some zen-inspired wisdom for the Shutterstock blog to help guide creatives and marketers towards creative file nirvana. There’s a lot of great insight there, so we’ve shared the highlights of her philosophy for creative zen below. 

Harness Chaos to Reach Creative File Enlightenment

If thinking about your current creative file management scenario makes you cringe, consider the chaos as an opportunity to create a system that works for you. Every creative and marketing team has different needs, and with cloud-based digital asset management software (DAM), you can tailor exactly how you store, access and collaborate with creative files. These files (licensed images from Shutterstock, for example) are valuable investments you’ve made in your brand. Keeping them secure and well organized in a centralized location will maximize your ROI.

Creative File Enlightenment

DAM Makes Your Marketing Team Limitless

Today, the marketing game is a global one, so your team must be agile and effective, wherever they may be. With a cloud-based DAM platform, creative teams always have important files close at hand, whether they’re working out of a coffee shop or an airport lobby halfway around the world. Shutterstock knows this reality all too well, as they operate in more than 150 countries and support 20+ languages.

Another imperative for today’s cutthroat marketing world is mobile access. Just as Shutterstock enables you to search through their stock image collection from your mobile device, the right DAM platform puts important creative files at your fingertips – literally, removing barriers for how easily and efficiently your team can work around the clock.

Creative File Management Zen

Consistency – The Key Ingredient to a Strong Brand

As global creative and marketing gurus, one of our most important roles is that of brand ambassador. Our work is the vehicle that delivers your brand’s message to audiences through an ever-growing list of channels: social media, advertising, print materials, sales presentations, logos and all kinds of messaging. For this work to have maximum impact, your brand must be presented consistently at all times.

At a practical level, this means marketers and creatives need a clear understanding of how files can be used, if and when assets expire, license details and other details that will help you stay on brand. For example, when you license an image from Shutterstock, all the license details must be captured and easily retrievable. DAM platforms put the control back in your hands, so you can deliver consistently excellent branded materials.

In summary, by having the right DAM in your toolkit, your teams and your brand can succeed on a whole new playing field. And you can finally achieve the much sought-after zen that you never thought was possible in the marketing world.

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