Blog | March 18, 2015

Customer Story of the Week – Vodafone Uses Digital Asset Management for a Brand Overhaul

by Emilie Doolittle in Digital Asset Management

Before Vodafone, one of the world’s largest mobile telecommunication companies, unveiled their new brand identity in 2013, they knew all of their employees, creative agencies, and stakeholders would want their updated brand materials. To find a way to easily create and share their creative files, Vodafone’s brand managers realized it was time to rethink the company’s digital asset management (DAM) strategy.

Seven years prior Vodafone built their own customized DAM platform. Over time, the technology started to become outdated and costly to run. As the company grew, the brand management team frequently received requests for various brand assets from internal and external teams. But, their platform did not allow the company to distribute brand assets to these stakeholders at the appropriate permission levels. These issues would be further compounded by the upcoming brand refresh as even more stakeholders would need access to the latest content.

To plan ahead and address these obstacles, Vodafone decided to look for a DAM solution from a company that specialized in just that. After evaluating several DAM platforms, they chose Webdam for it’s flexibility, powerful search functionality, and easy-to-use interface. “Webdam is the most cost effective, powerful, and user-friendly solution,” said Elly I’Anson, Vodafone’s brand manager.

The DAM Solution

With the sheer amount of brand assets Vodafone had created over the years, they knew that switching to a new DAM would be a challenging task. But, they soon found that the implementation process for Webdam was fast and smooth. With Webdam they uploaded a massive number of assets and mapped all of the assets to metadata simultaneously to make it easy for employees to search and find the materials they needed.

The implementation also happened at the same time Vodafone refreshed their entire brand, making it easy for everyone to get the latest brand assets from a centralized repository. Immediately the brand management team saw an increase in download requests for creative assets per week.

Webdam quickly became their centralized platform to efficiently manage, control and share creative files across their global markets. Their creative teams also used Webdam to facilitate the approval process of creative assets, saving time and improving workflows between teams. Because Webdam is cloud-based and available on mobile devices, employees and stakeholders from countries around the world were able to securely access the assets they needed from anywhere.

How Can DAM Help You?

If you organization is looking for a way to manage all of your creative files and share them with the right stakeholders, you’re probably dealing with some of the same challenges Vodafone faced. Hear directly from Vodafone and learn more about how Webdam helped connect their employees and stakeholders to their digital assets. Click below to read the full case study.

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