Blog | March 25, 2015

Customer Story of the Week – How CustomInk Saves Time Managing Thousands of Screen-Printed Designs

by Emilie Doolittle in Digital Asset Management

CustomInk is a fast-growing online retailer. Founded in 2000, they have shipped more than 50 million custom designed t-shirts and products to date. Along with providing designs, the company enables customers to submit their own designs to be screen printed on t-shirts, sweatshirts, water bottles and other items. As you can imagine, the nature of their business means they’re responsible for managing thousands of digital assets for their global customer base.

Until recently, CustomInk relied on a barebones solution to handle digital assets. The solution worked well, at least for a while. With more than 10,000 files in a shared directory on a local server, managing assets was becoming a problem, and finding the right file was taking longer than necessary. As the business began to grow, they realized they needed a better digital asset management solution.

CustomInk wanted a solution that didn’t require extensive training or IT support. It also needed to make it easy to manage a variety of assets, permissions, and hierarchies. Furthermore, they needed a solution that could grow with the company as it added new locations, customers, and markets.

The DAM Solution

CustomInk began a search for a new platform for managing their vast collection of digital assets, but nothing looked like a perfect fit. According to Joe Nicolia, Art Technology Specialist at CustomInk, the other options didn’t have the functionality they needed.

Then Nicolia discovered Webdam, and he knew it was what they were looking for. Almost right away, CustomInk was able to get up and running with Webdam. “It all worked the first time around,” Nicolia said. “I just let the account setup process run and it worked so smoothly.” A simple account setup process meant they didn’t need outside help to get started. Hierarchies and permissions were easy to establish, and their existing assets and folder structures were imported with ease. In addition, Webdam’s cloud-based platform made it possible for everyone in the company to manage, access, and collaborate on files.

Before Webdam, when a customer requested a certain type of artwork, CustomInk had to choose between creating something new, or searching for existing artwork that they weren’t sure even existed. According to Nicolia, both options usually took over an hour. Today, CustomInk has the ability to search thousands of digital assets based on metadata, and find the right artwork. What used to take an hour, now takes minutes.

Webdam’s simple interface has helped CustomInk save time and focus more on what drives their business. Instead of creating custom artwork every time, they can repurpose existing artwork from previous projects. By saving time and money, CustomInk can serve more customers than ever before.

After the success of Webdam’s initial implementation, CustomInk decided to upgrade their account and add another 80 users. “As soon as the team heard we were adding more users, they started cheering,” Nicolia said. “And the archiving team already started pitching using Webdam for the rest of the company.”

How Can DAM Help You?

Like CustomInk, many companies start out with a less than stellar digital asset management system. When your company is just starting, and you only have a few assets to manage, it may not make sense to invest in a proper DAM system. However, by the time it does make sense, you may already be behind. Webdam makes it easy for companies to implement a modern DAM system that can solve their problems and grow with them.

To hear more about CustomInk’s story and the benefits of Webdam, download the case study.