Blog | April 12, 2017

How Global Brands Group Handles Demands for 300 Brands

by Mike Waite in Brand Management Global Brands Group Builds a Foundation for Creative Services Using Webdam.

Nothing shapes a first impression quite like fashion. And nothing shapes fashion quite like Global Brands Group Holding Limited (GBG), one of the world’s leading branded fashion accessories, footwear and apparel companies.

Take a look at the people around you and you’ll most likely see someone wearing a brand controlled or partnered with GBG – Calvin Klein, Under Armour, Juicy Couture and Michael Kors are just a few of the over 300 brands (and counting) under its umbrella.

At the center of Global Brands Group is the Creative Services team. Frenetic doesn’t begin to describe the pace required for this small team to keep up with the demands of over 300 brands – and the responsibility for shaping the GBG brand itself. Things not only move fast, but also change constantly as GBG acquires and licenses new brands.

Global Brands Group Builds a Foundation for Creative Services Using Webdam.

Growth led to a breaking point. One of GBG’s owned brands was fielding so many asset requests – images, logos, training videos – that a designer was spending nearly all her time fulfilling them. The obvious downside: the designer wasn’t designing. Making matters worse, marketing assets were spread all over, from personal computers to shared servers to cloud storage. And assets were distributed by email, so there was no way to track what had been sent to whom or how it was used.

GBG Vice President of Creative Services Jonathan Cohen was keenly aware of the importance of strong technology infrastructure to help keep the chaos under control – in this case, how a strong digital asset management (DAM) system could smooth out a turbulent environment with lots of brands.

They had a long list of requirements for DAM, but some were especially important. The must-haves included:

  • Unique brand environments that give each brand its own semi-autonomous environment for standards and assets but also fit into a larger global infrastructure.
  • Global scale and support that can easily expand as new businesses and territories are brought on.
  • Enterprise-grade security to ensure creative assets from closely guarded trademarks like Star Wars and Disney characters are safely protected.
  • Simple and intuitive usability so that brands and their partners (manufacturers, retailers, agencies) can find what they need and serve themselves without help from the CS team.
  • Cloud-based delivery to minimize the need for IT support.

Cohen began his search for a DAM solution that would provide the foundation for creative operations and check all the boxes. Read the rest of the story to see how things have changed for the GBG team.

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