Blog | August 17, 2011

5 Tips to Integrate Your Digital Asset Management System

by Melissa Kelly in Digital Asset Management

Most people aren’t aware of the available features that can be used for digital asset management integration.  However, it’s worth it to learn these features – when you take advantage of easy integration, you benefit with more visibility, increased user adoption, faster workflows, greater convenience, and much more. In short, everyone gets along better and things are happier. That’s one small step towards world peace thanks to your DAM.

How can you make this happen? To get things started, it’s as simple as reading to the bottom of the page. Yes, you too can get the most out of your digital asset management experience by following these top 5 ways to integrate your DAM:

Brand Template

Having a DAM is great, but having one that reflects your branding is even better. Did you know you could Webdam can seamlessly integrate with your brand?. Well, now you do, and by doing so, your DAM users will feel like they’ve never left the company website. This has all sorts of trickle-down benefits such as making it easier for users to adopt the platform and for guests to sustain the branding your organization has created.

Embedded Links

With embedded links, you can save time publishing images from your Webdam account to other Internet media outlets – no more wasted time downloading the image only to upload it to another system. We’re all about efficiency at Webdam (especially after a few cups of coffee), and that’s why Webdam provides embedded links to condense all of that into one simple step. Just copy and paste the embedded link for easy integration into your blog, your website, social media, and more – no coffee required (but always welcome).

Custom URL

A custom URL gives your organization the ability to even keep your DAM URL branded.  This ensures complete cohesion between your DAM and your website.  With a custom URL, navigation is easy for anyone visiting or browsing your Webdam account. Plus, it makes the URL that much easier to remember, so guests know immediately where to go for their digital assets.

Share This

Like it or not, social media is here to stay. For the techno-phobes resisting social media – or those that simply want to save time – the assets in your Webdam account can now easily be shared. The Share This feature conveniently allows you to share assets at the touch of a button, all without having to individually visit each social media site. Pictures, documents, and other assets can now be shared straight from within Webdam.

RSS Feeds

RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication, and aside from being a clever name, it also keeps you in the loop. Your Webdam account offers RSS feed subscriptions, so you can always stay up to date on the latest changes and additions to your assets. Just add the feed URL to the RSS reader of your choice and you’ll stay in the DAM know, ensuring there won’t be any miscommunication bottlenecks.

Take this opportunity to unify your digital asset management workflows and your organization.  Make your DAM feel like a tailor-made tool by incorporating the above features, and you’ll quickly find that the DAM experience is enhanced for all internal and external users.

We would love to hear how you have integrated Webdam for your organization.  Drop us a line or post a comment!