Blog | January 8, 2015

Webdam Welcomes New VP of Sales

by rselvey in Webdam Updates

bob-byline-headshotAs Webdam continues to grow as a company and expand our hiring efforts, we’re thrilled to announce Bob Hickey joined as Vice President of Sales.

Bob brings over 20 years of enterprise sales experience. Before joining Webdam, Bob served as Vice President of Global Field Operations at Certain Inc., a cloud-based event management software provider. He led Certain’s worldwide sales efforts to meet the growing global demand for their enterprise-level solution. Prior to that experience, Bob was the Senior Vice President of Sales for EVault, where he helped the company become one of the most profitable providers of online network backup, recovery, and data protection solutions.

With expertise in global enterprise sales strategies, Bob leads Webdam’s global sales organization to generate revenue and scale customer acquisition.

We took a moment to have a quick chat with Bob.

Q: Why did you join Webdam?

A: I wanted to work for a high-growth, early-stage company. Webdam has a reputation for driving a rewarding customer experience, with a 99+% customer retention rate.

Q: What about the product interested you?

A: Today digital asset management plays a role in every business interaction. Businesses are creating tons of content, but losing time and money trying to find it. For example, one team buys one image, and then another team buys the same image without knowing the other team already has it. With shrinking deadlines and more demand for socially engaging content, marketing and creative teams want an efficient way to manage and distribute content. Webdam provides the search functionality and visual interface businesses need to keep track of their content.

Q: What are you most excited about?

A: I’m excited to be part of the leadership team. We are extremely focused on exceeding our customers’ expectations and providing tremendous value on a global scale. I look forward to supporting hyper revenue growth with the great folks at Webdam.

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