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WebDAM Features

WebDAM has a comprehensive range of features to help your organization work fast and smart.

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    Batch Upload

    Have thousands of files to upload at once? No problem. WebDAM is designed to handle large volumes of data at lightning fast speed. Easily upload with a variety of options including drag and drop, web forms and FTP.

    Upon upload, all the metadata associated with your assets is also included, including IPTC and XMP data. Save time not having to manually add information about captions, photographers, authors, capture dates, etc.

    Comprehensive File Format Support

    WebDAM supports all common file formats. Store graphics, photos, videos, marketing collateral, brand assets, documents, PowerPoint presentations, audio clips, etc. Remove the burden of file preview limitations. In WebDAM, experience adjustable previews of your images, graphics, videos and other formats! See a complete list of supported file formats.

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    Intuitive Folder Trees

    Easily create folders and nested folders based on your specific needs. With folder trees, your users gain another way to easily organize, browse and navigate assets fast. And as your organization evolves, enjoy drag-and-drop capabilities to adjust folder trees in seconds. Have an existing folder structure from a third-party application? Easily import them into WebDAM to accommodate existing workflows and maintain familiarity.

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    Version Control

    Ensure teams always use the most up-to-date logos, images, documents and more. Upload new versions but still have access to historical versions. Even add comments to different versions and track edit cycles to improve how creative projects are managed. With version control, you can also share or embed a link and trust that it always points to the latest version.

    • Have sales teams leverage only the latest and greatest versions of your assets
    • Put a stop to brand inconsistencies across your organization
    • Restore previous versions of assets with just one-click

    Multimedia Management

    Centralize, view, manage and share video files and audio files. WebDAM gives you everything needed to control, host and deliver great media to your audience.

    • Easily stream videos to any of your web properties
    • Convert videos instantly with standard encoding presets for YouTube HD, iPhone, tablets, etc.
    • Create your own presets by selecting size, codec, framerate, bitrate, etc.
    • Manage who can download transcoded videos and use certain presets
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    Image Expiration

    Working with rights-managed images? Set expiration dates for each asset and configure how to handle assets upon expiration. Send notifications to administrators and make expired assets unavailable to users automatically.

    • Ensure proper digital rights management within your organization
    • Avoid costly lawsuits that arise from violating the terms of image licenses
    • Easily manage copyright and license metadata for all the assets your team uses

    Presentation Management

    Conveniently manage and deliver PowerPoint presentations directly from WebDAM. Use any web device to quickly access, manage, and present your PowerPoint. When you’re out of the office, just pop open a laptop or iPad and present right away.

    • Give a presentation at a trade show or in the sales field easily from any device
    • Ensure your sales teams only use the most up-to-date and approved presentations
    • Control who in your organization has access to view and download important presentations
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    Archival Storage

    Want to keep just important files front and center, but all assets centralized and secure? Archiving allows you to keep all your digital assets in one location and viewable, without cluttering up your DAM system. If you have rarely used videos, RAW files or other files, just archive them to save valuable space.

    • Enjoy WebDAM Archival Storage as cost effective long-term storage for infrequently accessed assets
    • View archived assets in search results and view them directly in WebDAM
    • Easily restore archived assets for download access and delivery
    • Learn more about Archival Storage
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    Advanced Search

    Don’t waste valuable time hunting for files. Find files fast. WebDAM’s powerful search engine gives you a full range of options to refine results and locate the exact files you need in seconds.

    • Use file filters to restrict results by file types like images, audio/video, documents, presentations and more
    • Filter images by specifying resolution, width, height and orientation to only see images that fit the requirements for your campaign
    • Narrow down results by selecting keywords from a complete keyword list
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    Intelligent Faceted Search

    Find files even faster by filtering through your search results.  Just create a search and use metadata, keywords, resolution or other parameters to narrow down previous search results until you reach your desired asset.

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    In-Document Search

    Search within documents for more control over your results. Full text search capabilities in WebDAM help you quickly locate documents you need when you don’t know the exact file name. Get the information you need without having to browse through endless PDFs or long documents. Simply search for a word or phrase and retrieve the files you’re looking for.

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    Keyword Management

    Say goodbye to typos and inconsistencies. Import a list of standardized keywords for organizing your assets and make searching a breeze with a controlled vocabulary.

    • Customize your list with keywords for products, company brands, employee names, company divisions or anything relevant to your business
    • Add pre-defined keywords to find assets quickly and ensure files are tagged properly
    • Use a hierarchical list to create helpful categories and sub-categories for your keywords
    • Manage your keyword list in the Taxonomy Builder, which supports in-line editing and drag-and-drop functionality for quick additions or adjustments
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    Universal Metadata Support

    Put the metadata stored in your digital files to good use. WebDAM supports reading and writing to universal metadata standards like IPTC and XMP.

    • Configure existing fields and create custom fields to manage company or product specific information
    • Integrate with tools such as Adobe Bridge or Lightroom for cross-compatibility
    • Avoid manual processes of copying and pasting over important data about your assets







      Work on the go with WebDAM. From your mobile device, enjoy the complete power of WebDAM to access, share and manage your digital assets.  Even when offline, you can use the WebDAM mobile app to access locally-stored files. For more information about WebDAM for mobile, click here.

      • Enjoy real-time alerts delivered directly to your mobile device
      • Search, preview and download files on the fly
      • Add comments to assets for easier team collaboration
      • Make approvals for download requests or new user registrations right away
      • Take pictures and directly upload them to WebDAM
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      Role-Based Permissions

      With WebDAM’s built-in capabilities, easily configure access rights and permissions for different groups, select users or even a whole organization.

      • Manage an unlimited number of groups with varying levels of access
      • Control access and keep files safe with different levels of access and permissions
      • Designate which folders can be viewed, downloaded and uploaded to for each role within your organization




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      Secure User Login

      Control access to your WebDAM with a secure user login. Only individuals with a user name and password can view assets in your DAM system. You can configure settings to allow users to self-register, enable notifications when new users register and configure required approval for new users. Integrate with your company’s authentication system so users can just leverage single sign-on credentials to access WebDAM. To learn more about authentication integration, click here.




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      User Registration Rules

      Don’t keep people waiting for access. Avoid bottlenecks with a streamlined registration process so team members can quickly gain access to what they need — immediately. Setup rules so that company employees or separate divisions receive instant approved access upon registering for an account. Do the same for specified outsiders. All you need to know is the e-mail domain or IP address.





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      Download Requests

      Stay on top of how your assets are used. Set download limitations based on the type of user or even by folder. Users can comment on why they need an asset and admins can approve or deny requests with just one click.







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        Direct Links & Download Links

        It’s a snap to share your digital assets with other users or key stakeholders with WebDAM. Escape the hassles and limitations of FTP, shared drives, sending e-mail attachments and rogue sharing services.

        • Share a direct link for users to view creative files, videos, PDFs or any other type of file in WebDAM
        • Send a download link straight from WebDAM for non-users to easily access specific files
        • Set a download link expiration to control the amount of time an asset can be downloaded — great for seasonal or rights-managed assets




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        Share A Collection

        Want to send multiple assets at once? Go for it. Simply add your images, documents or any other files to a Lightbox and invite your team to view or download the collection. If you’re out of the office, you can still fulfill urgent requests for collections. Just create a Lightbox from your mobile device, easily select and add all desired assets and then share the collection.





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        Secure File Sharing

        Ensure your files are always safe and available. Avoid using unmanageable e-mail attachments, CDs, thumb-drives, FTP, rogue shared drives and siloed third-party file sharing services.

        • Avoid bottlenecks, sharing limitations and security risks
        • Easily share and find files — no more lost CDs, thumb-drives, e-mail attachment searches, corrupted servers or security threats
        • Guarantee that the correct files make it to the right people — don’t worry about e-mail bounce backs or the inability to share large file sizes




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        Download Pickup Page

        See a useful display of assets before downloading multiple files. Whether you’re accepting an invite to download assets or taking them from a Lightbox, ensure you’re getting the precise files you need. The download pickup page has a thumbnail of each asset so you can preview them all at once. Anyone who receives a download invite will see the shared assets and can quickly download them.





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        Batch File Conversions

        Speed up workflows by converting multiple files at once. Automate batch conversion by configuring conversion format presets and defining who can convert to what. WebDAM easily converts assets to different file formats, resolutions, color modes, sizes and more — no training necessary.

        • Utilize predefined format presets or customize your own to fit requirements for blog images, email campaigns, specific web pages and more
        • Select multiple PSD files in WebDAM and download web-friendly PNGs, JPEGs or high-res PDFs for print
        • Control which users have access to convert images in batch and configure which presets are available to them



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          Social Sharing

          Save time for your social media marketing teams. WebDAM is integrated with today’s most popular social media sites to support your social media management efforts. From WebDAM, quickly share assets across a multitude of social outlets like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram and 120+ other social channels.

          • With only a few clicks, your images and graphics can be shared across social networks
          • Reclaim your valuable time and spend it on creating social campaigns, instead of manually sharing and distributing campaigns to social channels
          • Know where all your social assets live and easily repurpose pictures and graphics that received the most likes or shares


           WebDAM screenshot

          Web Publishing

          Publish images and videos to numerous web channels directly from WebDAM. Keep everything centralized in one location and no longer worry about maintaining separate file databases with redundant assets.

          • Use embed codes and choose from a variety of image sizes for easy distribution
          • Automate publishing from WebDAM to different web properties — keep your web properties automatically updated with the latest graphics or photos
          • Even drive traffic to your WebDAM by using direct links to your assets




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          Third-Party Solutions

          Use WebDAM as the central hub for all your assets. WebDAM can connect to your internal databases and different systems for cataloguing, distribution, e-commerce and more.

          • Make updates to images or author copy in WebDAM and immediately see the updates in any third-party solution
          • Deliver consistent information and metadata at every touch-point for your customers
          • Streamline workflows for publishing assets to all of your web properties and solutions
          • Eliminate issues that arise from duplicate assets and just manage one central asset platform




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          Social Publishing Scheduler

          Streamline social media workflows with WebDAM’s Social Publishing Scheduler.

          • Schedule and manage social posts to various channels right from WebDAM
          • Automate your social outreach, driving ROI for your social marketing strategy
          • Easily monitor where & when social content is posted
          • Quickly view reports on social media engagement and & stats through channels like Facebook & Twitter

          Creative Workflow

             WebDAM screenshot


            Creative teams constantly work with unique collections of assets for specific projects. In WebDAM, you can group files into custom Lightboxes for easier project collaboration, sharing and access — wherever, whenever.

            • Create and manage an unlimited number of Lightboxes for various projects
            • Invite team members to view a Lightbox and grant specific members the ability to make modifications
            • Get alerts when team members upload, delete or edit assets in your Lightbox
            • Add comments on Lightboxes and individual assets in a Lightbox to streamline communication, reduce meetings and avoid endless e-mail chains


            Connector for Creative Cloud

            WebDAM Connector integrates seamlessly with Adobe Creative Cloud®, making it easy to access and update your assets right from your design apps.

            • Browse your current brand files housed in WebDAM.
            • Manage in-progress assets effectively and never worry about missing links within design projects.
            • Update designs using approved assets and upload new versions to WebDAM directly from Creative Cloud.
            • Learn more about Connector for Creative Cloud.
             WebDAM screenshot

            Related Assets

            Don’t be forced to redesign, duplicate or repurchase a stock photo or asset ever again, burdened by the inability to find the original files used in another design. With related assets, you can immediately see all assets that are connected or used in another asset. Regardless of their folder location, users can quickly identify and relate assets to each other for better organization and productivity.

            So what if you want to re-purpose images that were used in a previous presentation or PDF? No problem. Check the related assets section, then easily navigate to the original source files.




             WebDAM screenshot


            Keep the lines of communication open and streamlined. With commenting features, you can track communication about creative projects and keep everyone in the loop. Add comments to your digital assets or Lightboxes and get real-time alerts when new comments are added.

            • Increase visibility in projects to speed up turnaround time
            • Don’t get held up by communication rifts
            • Stop searching through your inbox for feedback and know exactly where to go




             WebDAM screenshot

            Real-Time Alerts

            Receive instant alerts in WebDAM and never miss a beat. See activity in a real-time feed and avoid communication bottlenecks in your team.

            • See when users upload new assets, request a download, delete an asset, add a comment and more
            • Personalize your settings to only get alerts on what matters most to you
            • Use the WebDAM mobile app and get real-time alerts even away from your desk




            E-mail Notifications

            Don’t wait to hear from your team about its activities and progress. Increase transparency, avoid bottlenecks and work better together.

            • Receive automated e-mail notifications when users upload, download, request assets, images expire, new users register and much more
            • Select specific assets or folders to watch and only get updates on what you want
            • Change your personal settings and get quick summaries of activity in your WebDAM to save space in your inbox



             WebDAM screenshot


            Don’t ever hold up your teams. Once stock photos are purchased or designs are completed, get them approved right away and put to use. With WebDAM, users can receive instant alerts upon upload, then view, provide feedback or approve right away. Empower teams to work faster —never waiting around for cumbersome e-mail or face-to-face communications. And thanks to the WebDAM mobile app, teams can review or approve assets even faster.

            Upon approval, you can then instantly distribute files to other teams and channels ―speeding up creative and marketing workflows from days to minutes.



            Brand Control

               WebDAM screenshot

              Custom Pages

              With custom web pages in WebDAM, inform your users about brand guidelines, company announcements, detailed workflows and just about anything else. Instead of sending out countless e-mails, deploy a page for your users with important company content.

              Use the built-in WYSIWYG editor to create your pages without a programmer’s help. Even create and embed videos for helpful training guides or add links to key materials.




               WebDAM screenshot

              Branded Login Page

              Send users and key stakeholders to a login page that incorporates your brand. Upload a beautiful image that represents your brand or specify the exact color you’d like to use for your background, and then tie it all together with your logo at the top of the page. You don’t need a web development or design background to create an impressive and enjoyable experience.

              You can also relay communications to your users by adding messages to the login page. If you have authentication integration or special instructions for new users to register, it’s powerfully simplistic to include on the login page.



              Dynamic Templates

              With dynamic templates, allow users to personalize and change content in marketing materials directly in WebDAM. No worrying about brand consistency or consuming your creative resources. Dynamic templates provide the flexibility your company needs to move fast. The best part: it’s so simple, anyone can use it.

              • Set editable areas for data sheets, presentations, brochures, business cards and more for easy personalization
              • Allow your sales teams to quickly tailor marketing collateral for their clients without training or design skills
              • Use web-to-print technology in WebDAM for global organizations to modify marketing materials for their regions and languages. Learn more about Dynamic Templates.


               WebDAM screenshot

              Click-on Agreements

              Protect your company against the misuse of valuable branded assets. Deploy custom terms of use inside WebDAM to increase brand consistency. Add a click-on agreement that users must accept prior to downloading assets or registering for an account.

              For added visibility, include a link to your brand guidelines in the agreement. From there, users can be informed about how and where your company brand assets can be used.




               WebDAM screenshot


              Automatically watermark your images to prevent online image theft. Use plain text or upload a custom image like a company logo and keep your images protected.

              After upload, you can drag your watermark to the area where it will appear on your images. Make sure to choose a location that doesn’t distract too much from your images, but is also difficult to remove.





              Brand Management

              Manage your brand around the world. Ensure teams always have access to the latest and greatest versions of your brand assets. Control who uses what and monitor access.

              • Increase brand consistency with the most up-to-date versions of assets at all times
              • Ensure your sales teams always have the most current marketing resources available
              • Provide automatic notifications when brand assets are updated
              • Expire brand assets so they are not continuously used




              Analytics & Reporting

                 WebDAM screenshot

                Interactive Analytics

                In WebDAM, you will be able to review and report on key metrics. The intuitive analytics dashboard displays digital file growth, uploads, downloads and usage in your account.

                This will give you the tools to increase adoption, identify important users and solidify workflows within your organization.






                 WebDAM screenshot

                Download Tracker

                You will always know where your assets are being utilized with WebDAM. Track who, what and when with respect to your digital assets with the Download Tracker.

                Even create a custom tracker form for users to complete for each download. Sort by date downloaded to see the most recent downloads. See exactly who the asset was downloaded by. See how many and which assets were downloaded.




                 WebDAM screenshot

                Dynamic User Dashboard

                Your WebDAM users have a personalized dashboard with helpful information relevant to the user. See thumbnails of all the newest assets uploaded to the system. Upon login, you’ll immediately know what the latest assets are so you can work fast with the assets available.

                See a convenient list of your notifications. Use this to quickly track assets that have been shared with you, comments added to collections, etc. WebDAM admins also see account information including amount of storage used, number of assets in use and more.




                 WebDAM screenshot

                DAM Usage Reports

                See vital analytics about the usage of your digital assets. View reports about uploads by time, downloads by time and disk space usage by time.

                Select a date range and monitor the usage in your WebDAM account to see daily or monthly trends. Change the view to either see the reports in a line graph or list view. Easily export these reports to Excel to do more number crunching or include in company reports.





                Metadata Exporter

                To ensure users are including the correct metadata with all the assets, use the metadata exporter. Select a folder in WebDAM and export the metadata with one simple click.

                You will then see all the metadata attached to all the assets in that folder. Occasionally look at these reports and audit your metadata. Make sure your team is adding the information needed in order to keep your assets organized and easy to find.





                  REST API

                  Our REST API extends the power of DAM into third-party business applications. Using the WebDAM REST API, developers and programmers can quickly read and write from WebDAM securely and deploy WebDAM as the asset management platform for other apps.

                  Your teams can leverage WebDAM with other databases, apps and services to streamline workflows. To learn more about the WebDAM API, click here.



                   WebDAM screenshot

                  Internal Authentication System

                  Create an effortless experience with Single Sign-On (SSO). Configure WebDAM with your company’s authentication system so users can use their existing credentials to access WebDAM.

                  WebDAM supports many different types of SSO, including LDAP, Active Directory, Shibboleth, OAuth 2, SAML 2 and others. Don’t worry about having to manage your WebDAM users when employees join or leave your organization. With SSO, that’s already taken care of.




                   WebDAM screenshot

                  E-commerce Integration

                  Want to sell images to internal users or to the general public? The WebDAM e-commerce module is easy to use to quickly monetize your assets and metadata. Just decide which images to make available for sale and set custom prices.

                  With PCI compliance, sell your assets from a secure online shopping cart. WebDAM can even handle payment collection and streamlined print fulfillment.




                   WebDAM screenshot

                  Box Integration

                  Break down enterprise-wide silos using the Box integration in WebDAM. If other departments or external parties are using Box for managing and sharing files, easily incorporate WebDAM into the mix.

                  • Share your marketing assets like photos, graphics, videos, presentations, PDFs and more between the two systems
                  • One-click file sharing allows WebDAM and Box users to be productive without having to switch between applications
                  • Centralize all your important assets without searching through multiple applications to find what you’re looking for



                   WebDAM screenshot


                  Consolidate your WordPress Media Library with WebDAM. Don’t be forced to manage two libraries of your media. Instead, easily locate and pull images residing in WebDAM directly from the WordPress interface.

                  When you’re editing or adding posts or pages in WordPress, instead of uploading a new file or going into the media library, search and access all assets in WebDAM. Choose the asset you’d like to use and embed it directly into your post — no swiveling between two platforms or HTML knowledge required.




                   WebDAM screenshot

                  Web CMS

                  Using a web content management system to manage web properties? WebDAM has the ability to integrate with your W-CMS for improved productivity. Accelerate the creation of new website pages by having direct access to your digital assets in WebDAM, without ever leaving your W-CMS.

                  • Centralize all your images in WebDAM and easily add those images to new posts or pages in your W-CMS
                  • Quickly update the images across multiple properties by just adding a new version in WebDAM — the new image will automatically update on all your web properties
                  • Utilize powerful search tools in WebDAM to locate the right assets used on your website without having to sift through a separate media library


                   WebDAM screenshot

                  Cataloging Platforms

                  Integrate WebDAM with the cataloging platforms you already use. Streamline the distribution of product images, documentation and metadata that’s used for your cataloging needs.

                  Remove the burden of managing duplicate assets. Instead, only manage your assets in WebDAM as a central database. By integrating with cataloging platforms, you can update assets and metadata in WebDAM and have the changes automatically be reflected in your cataloging platforms. Ensure you are always delivering up-to-date, on-brand materials to improve consistency for your distributors, partners and customers.




                   WebDAM screenshot

                  Third-Party Databases

                  Keep your assets in WebDAM synced up with third-party databases. Incorporate WebDAM into your current workflows as the core system for managing or delivering digital assets. Avoid building your own asset management platform or having files live in two separate locations.

                  Team members working in third-party databases can continue the same workflows and you can efficiently update and distribute new product shots, information and images for them to leverage in real-time. Ensure consistency in all of your materials, and make sure anyone accessing your assets, from any platform, has the most up-to-date files.



                   WebDAM screenshot

                  Third-Party Marketing Platforms

                  Integrate third-party marketing platforms with WebDAM to save time for your marketing operations team. If you’re using different solutions for automation, blogging, e-mails or social, you can utilize assets in WebDAM directly from those platforms.

                  Imagine building a new landing page, blog post or e-mail campaign and easily search, preview and embed approved images and graphics uploaded from your creative team. Speed up your marketing teams and campaign design activities by easily locating and deploying your assets. Need to replace an asset used in a blog, e-mail and your website? Just upload a new version and see the changes happen right away across all your campaigns.


                  Enterprise Security

                     WebDAM screenshot

                    Access Permissions (role-based, group-based, folder-based)

                    Administrators can easily configure permissions for your whole company. Account IDs and passwords, stored with one-way encryption, protect accounts and assets. And of course, WebDAM never uses cookies to store confidential information.

                    WebDAM is also equipped with configurable group-based permissions, allowing for controlled access to content and platform features. WebDAM allows for public or private access through user login security. Organizations can also make WebDAM access location specific by restricting access to certain IPs.





                     WebDAM screenshot

                    Single Sign-On

                    WebDAM provides single sign-on (SSO) through the Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML 2.0) for web, desktop and mobile clients. WebDAM also supports Active Directory , LDAP, Shibboleth and other authentication integrations.






                     WebDAM screenshot

                    Data Protection

                    WebDAM is equipped with 256-bit AES encryption and industry-standard SSL/TSL connection security. Everything, including backups, is set at 256-bit AES encryption. All attempts to connect over HTTP are also redirected via HTTPS.






                     WebDAM screenshot

                    Network Protection

                    Our hosted network is secured with industry-leading firewall technology from top providers that keep us up-to-date with upgrades and patches. We deploy security measures including continuous threat assessments, intrusion detection system monitoring and web vulnerability monitoring to prevent outside interference. Routing redundancy also supports high bandwidth capacity.





                    Privacy & Accreditations

                    At WebDAM, our top priority is to keep our customers’ information private and secure. We believe that is the cornerstone of maintaining your trust. WebDAM works tirelessly to be the industry leader by providing world-class privacy features with a secure infrastructure.

                    WebDAM is recognized for High Assurance Security under OWASP Top 10, which is recommended for web apps of the highest criticality. Additionally, WebDAM’s cloud services comply with continued Sarbanes Oxley (SOX) measures and attain recurring Statement of Auditing Standards No. 70: Service Organizations, Type II (SAS70 Type II) certification. WebDAM has been deemed PCI compliant by the PCI Security Standards council. In short, WebDAM implements the enterprise-grade security standards across the platform, network, infrastructure and more. The privacy and security of your data is our top priority and our measures set us apart from the rest.


                     WebDAM screenshot

                    Physical & Environmental Protection

                    Our servers are hosted at dedicated top-tier data centers with world-class protection.

                    WebDAM’s data centers are located in nondescript facilities with extensive setback and military-grade perimeter control and natural boundary protection including reinforced bedrock foundations. Data centers are equipped with round-the-clock armed security staff, sensors to detect environmental hazards, redundant power and floor water detectors, to name a few. Physical access is controlled tightly at both the perimeter and building entrance points by professional armed security staff. Security personnel utilize video surveillance with PTZ capabilities, state-of-the-art intrusion systems, bulletproof glass and walls, biometric scanning for controlled access and other security controls that cannot be publicly disclosed.



                    Security Monitoring

                    WebDAM continuously monitors for internal and external security vulnerabilities while implementing proactive measures. Application access logs are collected and routinely analyzed based on internal security protocol.