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How to Manage a $30 Billion Global Brand: Vodafone Deploys Webdam

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Vodafone, the world’s third-largest mobile telecoms company, is an internationally recognized brand, connecting millions of people all over the globe. The telecom giant owns and operates networks in more than 30 countries and has partnerships with more than 40 additional companies, while its Vodafone Global Enterprise division offers IT and telecom services to corporate clients in more than 65 countries.

As a result of its sheer size and global reach, Vodafone has a huge amount of rich- media assets that represent its brand across various markets. When the company embarked on a recent global brand overhaul, its brand managers realized it was time to rethink their company’s digital asset management (DAM) strategy.

The Challenge

Slow-Building Static

Vodafone’s existing digital asset management system was aging and slow. Custom-built for the company seven years prior, its features and functionality hindered the communication and collaboration the company needed to launch a refreshed global brand.

As a global company, Vodafone’s brand management team receives constant requests to use variations of its brand assets from creative agencies all over the world. The existing system did not allow Vodafone to establish guidelines around permission and access across its different markets. This problem was intensified by the overwhelming amount of rich-media assets to manage from internal and external teams.

“Our old system was old and clunky with no search functions,” said Vodafone Brand Manager Elly I’Anson. “The cost to run it, because it was custom-built, was really expensive, and we couldn’t change anything easily. We were paying a ton of money for it, so we had a review to see whether it was meeting our needs. Turns out it wasn’t.”

The Vodafone team was initially hesitant to find a new DAM service for the whole company’s branding efforts. It seemed like a massive project to take on independently.

“I was quite concerned about the account setup process because of the sheer amount of assets we had. I had many sleepless nights thinking about that,” said I’Anson.

The Solution

Cutting Through the Noise

Vodafone did an extensive evaluation of several digital asset management platforms and landed on Webdam after determining its flexibility and powerful search made it the best fit.

“Webdam is the most cost-effective, powerful and user-friendly solution,” said I’Anson. “All the others involved a lot of deep customization, whereas Webdam was ready to use out of the box.”

I’Anson also pointed to the added concern of different time zones when it came to implementing Webdam – Vodafone’s headquarters are based in London, which is eight hours ahead of Webdam, located in the heart of Silicon Valley.

“That was one of the biggest concerns with choosing Webdam – but it hasn’t been a problem at all,” I’Anson said.


Not only was Vodafone uploading a massive number of assets into Webdam to orchestrate its global brand refresh, it was mapping all the assets’ metadata simultaneously. I’Anson said she expected the process to take a very long time due to the exceptionally large amount of data being organized plus incorporating all of the metadata into the process.

“It was actually really quick, and we didn’t experience any crashes,” she said. “That exceeded my expectations.”

The Results

The Sweet Sound of Success

After implementing Webdam, Vodafone has been able to effectively and efficiently manage its global brand assets. The Vodafone team primarily utilizes Webdam as a centralized platform for all branded creative files, providing controlled access and sharing capabilities across its many global markets.

With Webdam, I’Anson and the UK Vodafone team now have a convenient platform to facilitate the approval process of its creative assets for global agencies to use around the world. And since it’s cloud-based, they can securely work with their assets any time, anywhere, from any web-enabled device.

“Webdam is quite good for efficiency,” I’Anson said. “All our markets have different creative agencies, but we have to review every single piece of creative content that our global markets have to use. So we’re using Webdam as a showcase and a library.”

Since implementing Webdam, Vodafone has experienced a huge uptick in the amount of traffic and download requests it receives for its brand assets per week. The company was also able to completely customize its Webdam landing page and interface with its own branding, creating a seamless experience for internal and external team members accessing the site.

Webdam gives Vodafone the ability to take back control of how its digital assets are stored, organized and distributed around the world, a process that was impossible with the company’s existing custom-built system. A system that was costing them a fortune each year.


Vodafone’s implementation of Webdam coincided with a worldwide brand refresh, a potentially overwhelming challenge that went very smoothly thanks to the flexible and easy-to-use Webdam platform.

As a result, Vodafone’s brand managers have been able to establish a centralized repository of its many valuable rich-media assets while executing complete control over who accesses and uses these assets for different purposes across the global organization