Customer Story | United States Equestrian Federation "Webdam is great because of the visibility it gives the admin about who is downloading what and when this is occurring." Kathy Knill Meyer Senior Vice President of Marketing and Communications United States Equestrian Federation
United States Equestrian Federation United States Equestrian Federation

With more than 90,000 individual members, the USEF is a rapidly growing organization. Under USEF guidelines, more than 2,700 member competitions within the Federation oversee 26 breeds and disciplines of competition, or different types of competitive events. The USEF ensures that all participants and equine are treated with proper care. In addition, the USEF promotes active lifestyles, along with the beautiful and underrated sport to the public through media, and their 100 affiliate organizations.

The Challenge

Similar to many large organizations, the USEF did not have any type of organizational methods in place for media and digital assets, leaving all of their valuable digital collateral in a state of disarray. With 100+ people storing equestrian photos on their internal servers — causing plenty of strife within their IT department — things were in a jumble.

From a metadata perspective, many photos lacked critical information: usage rights, photographer data, etc. This information was critical for many reasons, and its lack of regulation and standardization created many problems for the USEF. For example, the USEF held the usage rights for some photos; however, they were not enforced for usage by licensed competition organizers, the press, and affiliates. Inappropriate usage could not be reprimanded due to a lack of proper records of any of the rights attached to the images.

This created a lack of enforceable process flow, one that was no longer an option for the USEF. “As we’re rapidly growing, it’s essential that we have an efficient centralized system capable of our advancing needs across the long run” says Kathy Knill Meyer, the USEF’s Sr. Vice President of Marketing and Communications. They knew it was time to make some desperately needed improvements, and that prompted their search for a solution for storing photographs and marketing materials, managing metadata, and other key needs.

The Solution

The USEF’s goal was to exceed the current technology standards for organizational workflow. To get ahead of the proverbial game, USEF staffers performed an extensive review on different photo management solutions. As a national organization, they knew the solution would have to be a mature web-based solution capable of centralizing digital collateral, establishing and maintaining rights management, metadata searches and upload/download tracking.

After evaluating various cloud-based digital asset management systems, the USEF found exactly what they needed with Webdam. Webdam’s robust set of features were designed specifically for business workflows (metadata, convenient management, robust search and permissions, etc.) and its cloud-based system provided the perfect answer to their accessibility issues. After the rigorous evaluation process, Webdam was selected to be the USEF’s go to database for all digital collateral, solving the problem of storage-location inconsistencies and eliminating time lost from fruitless searches for a particular file or photo.

The Results

The Webdam implementation proved to be a smooth process from the very beginning. The USEF IT staff quickly gathered all their digital media and began organizing for Webdam upload. Webdam’s customer success team ensured that the migration of all of their digital asset management went without incident.

The ability to maintain photo information, as well as providing easy search and access, alleviated many headaches and workflow issues for the USEF’s marketing department. Many photographers took photos at each of the 2,700 annual competitions, and each photographer maintained unique usage rights. With Webdam, the USEF staff could now moderate that information.

Photo demands came from many sources: the media, various affiliate organizations, trade journals, and the public. Webdam’s Role-Based Permissions System easily managed permissions at different levels to ensure appropriate access for each user. Admins tracked both uploads and downloads, and the USEF’s IT staff found this to be an invaluable tool in ensuring consistent upload structure. On the flip side, download data provided a glimpse into file usage. “Webdam is great because of the visibility it gives the admin about who is downloading what and when this is occurring” says Meyer.

With more than 100 affiliate organizations nationwide and 90,000+ members, Webdam has been able to streamline workflows, save time and effort, and keep the USEF at the forefront of emerging technology. Webdam’s many features increased workplace efficiency through its centralized management system, simplified storage, robust search, and permissions-based distribution. As Meyer simply states, “Our team is excited to continue to use Webdam and utilize all of its new releases.”