Customer Story | Lutronic "The service and support that we got was very accommodating, really contributing to our success with Webdam." Bill Lightfoot Bill Lightfoot Senior Manager of Global Web Management Lutronic
Lutronic Lutronic

Lutronic is one of the world’s largest aesthetic medical device companies. Established over 17 years ago, the company pioneered the use of lasers and patented technology in hospitals and offices around the world. From elective cosmetic procedures to the treatment of dermatologic conditions, Lutronic holds more than 130 current and pending patents and has been featured in major television segments and print journals across the globe.

Today, the rapidly growing brand has offices in the United States, Korea, China, Japan and Europe.

The Challenge: Glaring Imperfections

As the company grew and expanded, it needed a simple way to manage a fast-growing library of terabytes of documents, images, media and marketing collateral across different time zones. In January 2012, it set out to restructure its distribution of marketing files from top to bottom to better serve fit its global reach and growth trajectory.

The existing solution proved to be cumbersome at best. It lacked organization and usability, creating confusion and slowing down workflows when staff or distributors tried to access marketing and product materials. It also needed to enforce consistent brand guidelines and appropriate usage of files across the globe.

With Lutronic’s global workforce, the need for a multi-lingual, scalable platform became integral. Above all else, the interface had to be extremely intuitive and easy to learn. Users had to feel comfortable using a platform without having to constantly refer to manuals or documentation.

The Solution: Finding the Right Fit

Lutronic developed a corporate-wide initiative to find and deploy a digital asset management (DAM) system to act as the backbone for their media files. The planned scope of the DAM project ranged beyond just images, as the company’s executives sought a way to streamline the management of everything from presentations to internal documents – making everything secure and accessible from any place, any time and any web-enabled device.

The number one requirement was an intuitive user interface designed for successful enterprise-wide adoption. “If users are not comfortable with the system, they won’t keep contributing to it nor keep it up to date,” said Senior Manager of Global Web Management Bill Lightfoot.

Lightfoot was no stranger to DAM. He deployed another cloud-based DAM platform at a previous company, but it was poorly adopted due to the challenging user interface.

Lutronic’s global marketing team also began searching for a DAM solution that featured multi-lingual support. They quickly found that most DAM solutions had not yet built effective multi-lingual functionality – or only offered multi-lingual capabilities through custom development. Lutronic wanted out-of-the-box functionality.

“Multi-lingual support was the highest priority next to an easy-to-use interface,” said Mr. Lightfoot. “When I did a search for a multi-lingual DAM, Webdam was one of the only systems that met our requirements.”

Webdam fulfilled the language prerequisite with support for 11 languages, and, once Lutronic’s staff received more exposure to the Webdam platform, they were convinced that the system would be easily adopted due to the well-designed interface. Secondary priorities such as scalability, metadata, security and performance were soon evaluated, and it was clear that Webdam was the winning solution.

Results: New Outlook, Instant Results

Once Lutronic finalized their decision to use Webdam, the administrators began setting up the system’s folder structure and permission levels for different types of users. Contributor-level users were allowed to upload files, while general users received appropriate access for downloads. Lutronic’s taxonomy was defined after a joint review by global product marketing managers, the director of communications, regional marketing managers and the IT department.

Webdam provided a customer success manager who simplified the experience and optimized the deployment each step of the way. “Webdam was very flexible and provided helpful services to ensure a smooth implementation,” said Lightfoot. “The service and support that we got during the entire process was very accommodating, really contributing to our success with Webdam.”

Lutronic saw immediate traction with all users. The company’s initial assessment of the intuitive Webdam interface proved to be accurate, as there was little need for internal tech support and training. This was a giant relief to the Lutronic IT team, because they were able to focus on their business success instead of a global technology deployment.

The Lutronic team has integrated Webdam for a variety of uses around the world. For marketing and sales staff, the system provides accessibility to files (images, logos, presentations, brochures, etc.) while ensuring that only the most current versions are used. In addition to providing a centralized resource for marketing and brand materials, Webdam is also utilized by various operational departments. For example, Lutronic’s HR team uses Webdam to distribute internal employee forms. Other departments plan to follow suit, thanks to the file-type versatility unique to Webdam.

Within 90 days, Lutronic saw the benefits by way of global adoption of their integrated marketing as well as faster and more efficient team workflows. The new centralized resource of documents, assets, images and other marketing materials streamlines global collaboration, ensuring that only the most current revisions of key marketing files are used – all while unifying brand strategy under a single, focused vision.

Ultimately, the users themselves defined the success of the Webdam rollout. User activity remains high since deployment; more importantly, IT support requests were minimal, demonstrating how quickly Lutronic’s staff adapted to using Webdam.

Today, Lutronic is thinking ahead with Webdam. The global marketing and IT staff are looking at expanding Webdam into other company departments for an even more unified environment. “It was an easy system to get comfortable with for our users and administrators,” said Lightfoot. For Lutronic, Webdam has provided a means to structure, easily access and organize files.