Customer Story | LearningRx "The level of customer service certainly sets the bar high." Brent White Marketing Technology Specialist LearningRx
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Your body needs exercise to stay in shape. So does your brain.

And if you want real results for either, you might want to hire a personal trainer. That’s the big idea Dr. Ken Robinson brought to the table in 2002 with LearningRx. The company’s on-site programs partner every client with a personal brain trainer to keep clients engaged and accountable, and the methods are verified as beneficial in peer-reviewed research papers and journals. LearningRx has helped more than 95,000 individuals and families think faster, learn easier and perform better.

The Challenge:

A Cycle of Endless Cramming

LearningRx has grown into something much bigger than Dr. Gibson imagined. With 80 centers in the U.S. and locations in 40 countries, LearningRx’s reach is truly all-encompassing.

But skyrocketing success comes with growing pains, and LearningRx was no exception. Business was booming, but its franchises were increasingly struggling to access business-critical marketing materials. All LearningRx marketing materials were confined within the walls of the corporate office located in Colorado Springs, Colorado, and each franchise had to manually request assets, patiently wait for corporate approval and then do some more waiting while corporate shipped a CD of marketing materials.

In the early years, this process wasn’t so bad. There were fewer materials and requests, and corporate could address them quickly. But, as demand grew, all the manual work and slow operations proved inefficient, costly and frustrating.  In fact, sometimes the materials were already outdated before they arrived at the franchise’s doorstep.

It wasn’t just a franchise problem, either – the Colorado Springs office also struggled to sort through its compounding library of assets whenever a new request was made. And since materials were stored in multiple locations and different franchises had different materials, keeping an inventory of it all (and removing obsolete assets) turned into a hopeless endeavor.

The company was on the rise and had plans for more growth. Correcting the marketing instability was a major hurdle on the way to that goal, so LearningRx prioritized the search for a cloud-based solution that would help both franchises and corporate headquarters move faster.


The Solution:

Researching a New Strategy

LearningRx began evaluating cloud-based digital asset management solutions. It had a few primary goals in mind:

  • Centralize and organize assets at the corporate office while granting access to each of its 80-plus franchises.
  • Eliminate much of the manual work in asset-request fulfillment with automation and permission-based access.
  • Slash turnaround times from days and weeks to seconds. that offered centralized management for the corporate office and individualized capabilities for its 80-plus franchises.

LearningRx ultimately chose Webdam – it fulfilled all the requirements above, plus featured simple usability, customizable user and group settings and 24/7 support.

The Results:

Unlocking New Potential

The LearningRx corporate office gathered all relevant media on a hard drive and shipped it to the Webdam customer success team for expedited implementation. LearningRx corporate and franchise users were able to start using the new system right away instead of spending weeks and months setting it up.

The benefits became clear right after adoption: Webdam streamlined the entire workflow from home office to individual franchise. All marketing, PR and operations media resource consolidated into one location with robust folder management, making it easy to fulfill individual franchise requests in real-time. New additions and updates are instantly accessible worldwide – no more waiting on CD shipments – while outdated information is removed without contacting individual franchises.  The centralized file repository, advanced search functionality, thumbnail previews and greater access meant the corporate staff no longer had to sift through different discs and drives to find particular files.


And individual franchises benefit from the ability to download files can be distributed through various methods (email, FTP, web, etc.), allowing users to determine the best method for situations like working with an outside vendor or printer.

A Webdam customer success manager routinely conducts conference calls for feedback, questions and suggestions. “Webdam is extremely helpful with any questions we have,” said LearningRx Marketing Technology Specialist Brent White. “The level of customer service certainly sets the bar high.”

The LearningRx global footprint is growing quickly. That makes communication with the home office as vital – and sometimes difficult – as ever. Using Webdam as the company’s centralized digital asset management system, LearningRx streamlines distribution of necessary files, ensuring on-demand retrieval, fast updates and easy fulfillment.