Blog | March 30, 2016

Turn Wait Time to Create Time [New Feature]

by Trey Clark in Digital Asset Management

We have a customer that’s a big-time player in the hospitality industry. They’re receiving hundreds – often thousands – of requests for images per week from all over the place: travel booking sites, the media, internal sales and more.

Those requests end up taking around 70 working hours per week to fulfill. That’s over 3,500 hours a year.

This is a huge time sink and source of frustration for all involved. Even worse, requests often go unfulfilled, and opportunities are missed.

The obvious solution is to give the requestors self-serve access to the images they need. The problem is that not all the images can be used for all purposes. There are usage rights to consider, country-specific approvals and other considerations that make use controls absolutely critical.

Webdam recently released a new download rules feature. It automates much of the asset request-and-distribution process by using logic and rules in the request process to prevent images from being misused. In the case above, it slashed the company’s fulfillment activity time by about half – 35 hours per week and an estimated 1,750 hours annually.

So the company saves time, and its requestors receive their images faster. Everyone wins.


So, more about these download rules: it’s a super-simple and customizable download form that you can apply to groups of or individual assets. The information from the requestor determines whether to automatically download the asset, deny the request or route it for approval.

The “rules” – the qualifying factors determining whether the asset is eligible for an instant download – are based on metadata, intended use and the requestor’s profile (i.e. sales, marketing, partner, etc.). Asset requestors see a simple request form when attempting to download an image. No typing needed – just a few clicks, and the form is finished.

This is what that download rule setup looks like:

Blog_DownloadRules_03292016_Product1 copy


Back to that hospitality company we mentioned earlier. About 90% of the incoming requests don’t actually require review, so the faster it can them push through, the better for everyone involved. Download rules shave that time down to an instant.

And the great part is that the company didn’t have to sacrifice the security of the 10% that do require review to speed up the 90% that don’t. The request form acts as a layer of protection that wouldn’t exist in a full self-service model. Those requests are still filtered through to the appropriate reviewer – they just get there faster than before.

Download rules aren’t just for expediting approvals – they’re also helpful for global enterprises that have different offerings for different regions. Here’s another real-life example: A global apparel business has retail stores all over the world, but the stores in Asia don’t necessarily sell the same items as their counterparts in North America. Naturally, they don’t want North American stores marketing items that customers can only buy in Asia.

The company uses download rules to ensure that each region only has access to images of assets that they can actually sell. In this example, the image contains a metadata field called Approved Regions, and the approved region is Asia. The company creates a download rule called Restricted Regions – it specifies that the sales group can not download assets that are not approved in the Asia region – and specifically nothing from North America.

One more example: Download rules are also great for compliance. For instance, pharmaceutical advertising is highly regulated, and companies need to carefully cover their bases when creating promotional assets. Download rules can be set up with a series of conditions that keep unapproved and out-of-compliance assets out of reach – conditions like model releases, FDA approval, risk information, etc. that can all be identified instantly using the asset’s metadata.

Speed, geographic rules, compliance – download rules can make these and any number of other processes simpler. If you’re already a customer and want to get started, check out these step-by-step instructions for setting up your own download rules.

And if you want to talk to us about the myriad of ways that Webdam can help your company get the most out of its significant investment in content, contact us.