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Creative Trends 2016

Creative teams turn to Shutterstock four times every second for images that keep their brand fresh and relatable. With information gathered from these millions of searches and downloads, Shutterstock’s Creative Trends infographic shows what’s on the rise around the world. From global trends to local developments, it’s an in-depth... Read More

Make a DAM Decision

Digital asset management (DAM) systems are becoming a key part of marketing operations infrastructure. As marketing organizations work to keep pace with digital lifestyles, their communication programs have to move faster and connect to more and more channels. The typical marketing organization is now churning out assets at an unprecedented... Read More

20,000 Miles of Rail and 180,000 Assets

You don’t manage a huge network of eastern U.S. rail for nearly two centuries without collecting your fair share of images. For Norfolk Southern, that fair share is a collection that rivals major museums. Everything from glass plate negatives to archival photos to digital images and assets – with... Read More

Mastering Brand Velocity

A recent study found that the average attention span is down to just eight seconds. It’s surprising we can manage to tie our shoes in that amount of time. Apparently even goldfish have greater power of concentration – they can stay focused for nine seconds It’s easy to see why human... Read More

Skip Hop and the Fine Art of the Product Launch

Companies can’t live on great products alone. Great products help, obviously. But a great product without an excellent launch is like a tree falling in the forest with no one around to hear it. Skip Hop, a parent lifestyle brand and WebDAM customer, has product launches down to a... Read More

Reflecting Today, Ready for Tomorrow

New Year’s is a holiday unlike any other. We’re encouraged to both party and pause. It’s a time to celebrate, reflect and resolve. As we pause to reflect on 2015, we’re looking back at some of our favorite posts. Hopefully they’ll help you reflect, refresh and head into 2016... Read More

Elmer’s Knows a Lot About Creating a Sticky Brand

There’s something special about companies that stand the test of time. Very few brands last a year, let alone 70. Elmer’s is one of those brands that people are really stuck on. As a heritage brand, you might think they would just “stick” with what they know. But their commitment... Read More

Brand Guidelines Reinvented

Believe it or not, brand management used to be easier. You just emailed brand guidelines in a PDF and – voilà! – your designers and vendors had everything they needed to use your company’s logo, colors and typography correctly. Nowadays? Good luck with that. Social media, global teams, freelancers... Read More

Build-a-Brutus Contest

There is a place on everyone’s desk for that holiday-themed tchotchke. That little something to share the spirit of the season. Something to accessorize the plain expanse of your desk. A way to add a little bit of you to otherwise corporate surroundings. If you haven’t already got the snow... Read More

The Impact of Images

Images make a difference, in life and in marketing. Great images make people feel something, and those emotions create powerful connections between people and brands. Brands are built on emotions. Emotions create the tug that draws us in. Although consumers will consistently point to the rational reason they choose a... Read More

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